Thursday, 20 October 2011

ALL SAINTS - CHILDWALL 30 Pieces of Silver.

Jonathon Wild who set up a website has sent me a copy of a letter he has obtained stating that there may be an appeal over the Liverpool City Council planning committee refusal of the right to dig up a load of dead bodies in All Saints Childwall, that the church should be respecting, and build a toilet block on the site. It beggars belief that the Bishop James Jones will now be fronting it.


Statement by the Parochial Church Council (PCC) of All Saints Church, Childwall.
Proposed development projects
Church Extension (The Rotunda)
You may well be aware that at a Liverpool City Council planning committee meeting held on 6th September 2011 All Saints planning application for the proposed extension to the church was turned down. Various reasons for the refusal were stated in the minutes of the meeting.
Since this meeting, All Saints’ has obtained professional advice from its consultants and has also been in communication with the Diocese. An extraordinary meeting of the PCC was held on 3rd October when a number of ways forward were explored and discussed. These included not proceeding further with any sort of proposal; submitting a revised scheme, which would mean starting all over again; or appealing the decision made by the City Council.
The PCC was advised that, in our consultant’s opinion, the decision to refuse planning permission was seriously flawed and an appeal on planning grounds would have a very realistic chance of success. Notwithstanding this, the PCC was also aware that there was still a requirement to go through the faculty process (as we need full church authority approval to proceed in any event) and that there would probably also be a need for a full Consistory
Court hearing held in front of the Chancellor to the Diocese. There would also, at some stage in the process, be a need to undertake some trial hole excavation work (by the Diocesan
Archaeologist) in the area of the churchyard affected between the church and the footpath running parallel to the church. This would solely be in an area of graves of ancient origin (i.e. prior to 1880 where we have no cross referencing of graves to burials).

To enable due process to take place the above series of actions could well take up to the end of 2012 to be concluded.
At the end of the PCC meeting held on 3rd October a UNANIMOUS decision was taken by the PCC to proceed with an appeal, having taken all known factors into consideration. All Saints’ would also submit a faculty application in connection with the proposed works.

The Bishop of Liverpool, James Jones, has agreed to be Patron of our development and is visiting the church on Sunday 29th January to officially launch our appeal for funding. This will obviously only be for the redevelopment of the Church Hall as it is not intended that we would commence fundraising for the extension to the church until after all the necessary approvals are in place. In the interim (i.e. between now and the end of 2012) all of our energies will be engaged on fundraising for the hall alterations and extensions, to enable the much needed additional facilities included within our plans for the hall to become a reality.
As far as the Rotunda is concerned an appeal with regard to the City Council’s refusal of planning permission and the separate submission of a faculty application to the church authorities will take place in due course.
This statement will be placed on All Saints’ official website today
16th October 2011

Judas and his chariot couldnt have done a more out of touch letter than this.

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  1. Wonder how many of the objectors I this proposal actually go to this church on a regular basis? Or how many of them have ever tended any of the graves they now object to relocating? Or how many of them will give to meet the additional costs of providing alternative accommodation for the church? Or how many of them would be in the queue to complain if the church stopped providing things for young people to do?

    Lesson: it's easy to complain about stuff other people want to do and rather harder to do anything constructive yourself.