Monday, 12 September 2011

All Saints Childwall-And The Pathetic Diocese Of Liverpool, Out Of Touch, Out of Reach.

David Bartlett seems to have sold out, literally, his Dale Street Blues blog, has now become Dale Street Associates, giving a platform for his mates to put their ideas forward that would not usually be heard in the Daily Ghost. 

Talking of Ghosts, heres one for you, there's a church in Childwall that has a spare graveyard that no-one will notice if the local Church Disease, ermm, I mean Diocese whack an extension of top of.  And because those frocked types are all jolly good sorts no-one will object. Alleyuyha!
This time its Stuart Haynes for the church, on Bartletts blog, who gives us a misuided sob story about how those people who objected to the All Saints Plans, that were rejected by the planning committee, are standing in the way of the future.

Only, its they, who got it wrong this time, over and over again they make the same mistakes.
How can you have such an out of touch regime as the Liverpool Church elders. Blaming everyone but themselves as usual.
Bishop James Jones was the Chairman of the Liverpool Echos, pitiful Stop the Rot Campaign, that saved nothing, someone should stop the rot at the Church.

You may think, show a bit of respect here but my social contract with the local Diocese ended a long time ago when I attended a meeting at St James Church over plans to dig up 7000 bodies and build a block of flats on the churchyard. Poltergiest! St James Church Graveyard, a plague on your clergy's houses.
Are they all English Heretics at the Liverpool Diosese, or is it   just the ones I meet. 
 Here they usefacebook to promote  Mad Easter Party at St James.

So at last a bit of common sense by the planning comittee rejecting the montsrous plans to pile concrete over some poor dead persons skull, laid to rest, probally paying for the privilidge, in peace and tranquility.
Amen to those plans. Perhaps it wll teach the local clergy its they that need to learn respect for those they have to protect. Bartlett had written about the planning committee rejection, where he probably met Haynes. a Church Spooksmen said
“We remain convinced that our plans presented a visionary approach that enhanced the historic beauty of All Saints with facilities that would continue to enable this growing church to serve its community"
Is Ricky Pansdown behind this he usually is behind any ill tought out scheme proposed by the church.Here is a letter from George Fowler highlighting his concerns that appeared in the paper some time ago.

Where now for the Doicese of Liverpool, pray for them,will you, they need help. 

In the meantime the powers in control wacked down the Welsh Chapel for a new era of..............being, a car park for Tesco.

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