Thursday, 29 September 2011

Museum of Liverpool-More Legal Action.

Liverpool Museums ae now in a further set of legal action.....this time over the museum steps.
How can a bunch of bungling buffoons led by David Fleming and Phil Redmond get away with such incompetence. Both should go now.
 NML chairman Phil Redmond said: “We will fight robustly to protect the public purse. It’s amazingly frustrating that we have to go through legalistic procedures, but it is the only mechanism we have.”
 pic ROME MAXXI well they do look the same don't they.

Yes he would say that, this is the plastic scouser who does not live in Liverpool that defended the £750,000 that was paid to Downing over the breach of covenants over protected views that should have seen a pay off to every Liverpudlian for an act of architectural vandalism.
He doesnt even own up to here he lives does our Phil.
Now there is a 500k dispute over the museum steps.
David Bartlett reports
How can you sack an architect and then expect the project to go well.

I wrote of this a year ago

Just how can this saga end? will Fleming go or will he be pushed?

You could not make this up if you tried. This is the building that came runner up in BD's Carbuncle Cup competition for the worst designed building of 2011.

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