Monday, 26 September 2011

Liverpool Vision-Blind Mans Bluffers-Can't They See The Damage?

Today in the Liverpool Daily Ghost we have another advertorial plumper, this time for Joe Andersons Liverpool Vision. How can they at the Daily Ghost be blind to the facts of what is really going on.
Liverpool (lack of) Vision are the purveyors of the three black coffins at Mann Island. David Wade-Smith says he rescued the Cruise Terminal from going under, whilst on the Vision board, but forgot to look at the small print, as it is now an embarrassment that the Liners cant depart from it.
 Now they issue a press release saying; 
REGENERATION agency Liverpool Vision has pledged to make the city “a beacon for enterprise”.

In its annual review for 2010-11, Vision has listed its targets for coming years – including a pledge to “establish Liverpool as a top international and national investment location with dynamic trade, investment, knowledge and tourism relationships”.
Vision also pledges to make Liverpool a city with a global reputation for science, creativity and innovation. The agency also wants to see Liverpool “become the number one culture and visitor destination in the UK outside London”. It is also backing a Strategic Regeneration Framework to revive the economic fortunes of North Liverpool and South Sefton. Vision chairman Mike Parker said: “In difficult economic conditions Liverpool Vision has again fulfilled a pivotal role for the city while adapting to the changing priorities of the city. “It has been an important year that has allowed us to capitalise on our hugely successful presence at the World Expo in Shanghai. “We are forging new global relationships and detailing Liverpool’s outstanding offer as a place in which to work, live, invest, study and visit.
“Much is still to be done to improve the quality of Liverpool’s physical and business environment to help emerging high value sectors realise their potential, to promote innovation and competitiveness and support business in creating jobs and wealth. Liverpool Vision will remain in the vanguard of this work.”
Liverpool City Council leader, Cllr Joe Anderson, said: “Vision is Liverpool’s business-facing organisation and is trusted and respected by the private sector. “This trust and its reputation for delivery are crucial if it is to help Liverpool to continue to grow and prosper in the future.”

 Strange that the Times has a different slant altogether in this weekends paper. click on the photo to read.
Incidently, they show a ten year old picture, Heaven knows I'm miserable now.

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