Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Councillor Gary Millar-Set To Make A Packet On Parr Street Studio Sale.

I recall they were doing us all a favour..........saving an iconic piece of Liverpool history, Studio 2, The Parr Street Studios, once owned by Phil Collins, where Coldplay recorded, when in reality Gary Millar the councillor responsible for tourism, and his mates were out to make a packet for themselves.
Remember all the sob stories and how Warren Bradley and the ex Fib Dem council did all they can to help, with errr, saving the studios. Warren Bradley fast tracked him.
He turned up at One Park Worst looking like a baloon To hug the building nominated for the Carbuncle Cup award. Correspondent had the measure of him.

Remember all the fuss when they wanted to buy the studios. Was public money used?

Gary Millar then jumped ship from the Fib Dems and defected to the other side      Some may call him a two faced bar steward, but not I.
There were public demonstrations to save the studios.

Now LIVERPOOL’S famous Parr Street recording studio and hotel complex is being sold with a price tag of just under £3m.
It was saved from closure in 2006 by a trio of businessmen – city councillor Gary Millar, Steve Macfarlane and Thomas Lang

Millar became business assistant to council leader Joe Anderson after defecting from the Lib-Dems to Labour in April this year.

They bought the studio in 2006 from a company called Hit and Run, which was part-owned by former Genesis lead singer Phil Collins.
Even Barry Manilow have all used the city centre facility down the years.
Cant think of a better reason to have closed it down!

The deal, believed to have been worth around £1.6m, was struck after a campaign against a plan by Hit and Run to close the studio and convert the building to luxury apartments.

Hit and run is the right name for this new crowd. What a profit margin. They will be selling the Picket next.
Now they are all set to coin it, and all on, and with, the godwill of the people they told they were doing us all a favour, when they got behind them as act of goodwill.  Gary Millar now seems to be promoting the Cruise Cock up campaign.
Does he have a stake in that too.


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