Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Museum of Liverpool-Runner Up in 2011 Carbuncle Cup Competition.


After the original architect 3XN left the project in 2007, the £65 million waterfront building, which opened in July, was delivered by AEW.

Lowly Commended
Museum of Liverpool
3XN and AEW

Liverpool secured the Carbuncle Cup two years ago for Hamilton Architects’ ferry terminal. This ridiculous building won in considerable part because of the damage it did to the view of the Three Graces — the trio of early 20th century buildings providing Liverpool’s defining architectural image.
Sadly, this vandalism to the city’s waterfront was only the start. This year the jury had the ferry terminal’s neighbour, the Museum of Liverpool, to consider. “Our first reaction was that you shouldn’t build here,” Kim Nielsen, the director of 3XN, the Danish practice responsible for its original design, has said. He should have trusted his first instincts.
However, the problem isn’t simply that the building is in the wrong place. Another prime example of decon lite — Hadid’s Maxxi being the all-too-obvious model — this was a voguishly banal design made considerably worse through its botched realisation. In a saga that saw the client taking legal action against both 3XN and its replacement, local practice AEW, the competition-winning project was subjected to multiple dumbings-down, the most cringemaking of which proved the introduction of a slalom course of DDA- compliant ramps at either end of the building.
The Museum of Liverpool came a close second in this year’s Carbuncle Cup but with work soon to complete on Broadway Malyan’s next door Mann Island development — the third of what Hugh Pearman aptly termed The Three Disgraces — Liverpool is in a strong position to reclaim the prize next year.

Salford Keys is the winner. Media City the new home of the BBC.
Peel Holdings the developer..................who want to build on what part of the Liverpool World Heritage Site has not already been carbunculated.

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