Friday, 23 September 2011

Liverpool Waters-Shanghai-On-Mersey

 This is what they do in Shanghai to the historic buildings in the name of progress. Leave them stranded awaiting their fate.
I was recently in Langton Dock and Peel Holdings who own several historic and listed buildings in the area are I am afraid about to do the same as this ghastly haunting image, to Liverpool's historic docklands, a world heritage site. All the warning signs are there.
Peel have now joined the Mersey Partnership.

Beware the creeping fate of so called progress.

Some journolists are aware of this and are also aware of the disaster unfolding, but the Liverpeel Daily Ghost still seem to print Public relation plumper's for Peel whenever they can, at every opportunity they line another piece of tripe up for your delectation. But read Martin Samuels column by clicking on thepicture and be aware that the local press care not for your world heritage site, just look what has happened to the Pier Head while Mark Thomas and Alastair Machray have been editors.

Now someone called John Siddle comes into the fray with more silly writing ill thought out and misleading. He says Liverpool was named an “exemplar city” in the UN’s World Urban Campaign 100 Cities Initiative for its public-private sector approach to sustainability.

Cllr Nick Small, cabinet member for employment, enterprise and skills, said: “Liverpool clearly has a great story to tell, which resonates across the world and more people want to hear it.
“This is an exciting development and a considerable honour. Only 21 other cities have so far joined the 100 Cities Initiative, and Liverpool is the first UK participant.
“The UN has recognised our commitment to building a better sustainable future for our citizens.”
“It offers the city the chance to learn from others, share our experience and build long term international relationships which the city can benefit from for many years, as well as showcasing the city to potential investors and visitors.”
Liverpool was formally adopted into the scheme, which recognises good urban planning, ecological and economic sustainability, at a ceremony in Amsterdam.
The city’s request to be included was pushed forward by Liverpool Vision in conjunction with the council and a range of high-profile private and public sector partners, including Peel, Cofely/GDF SUEZ and Arup.

Cosidering the UN as Unesco have put Liverpool on notice it seems right to say that John Siddle who usually writes for the Southport Visitor would be better off covering the Southport Flower show than plumping for Peel.

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