Thursday, 26 May 2011

Welsh Presbyterian Chapel-Demolished by Morons.

They said they had demolish it because it wanted £60,000 worth of repairs............but it cost, how much to demolish? This building fronted to Penny Lane and was a landmark.

We tried to have listed but the English Heretics said no, preferring to let it be bulldozed instead. Click on the link below to see a picture of it before it was battered down with a bulldozer.


Church sued for £600k because some deal was going on under the pulpit.

I recall getting a letter from the Doctor of..........what.
It looked to me it was an American doctorate.
 I know someone else who bought an American Unirversity Doctorate off the shelf for 750 quid, you know the ones that cant be confirmed and turned they into a spiv. 
Church minister Dr Ben Rees said: “It will be a shame, but it was something which had to be done.
The Daily Post proclaimed giving the..........err, Doctor a let off with the vandalism, that now lines itself up to be a car park for Tesco that have just opened up on Allerton Road, and the store backs on to the now empty site.  I did not see any action from SAVE or the other Welsh Street protestors though.

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