Friday, 20 May 2011

Don't Let Them Shanghai This Historic Jewel.

I think we will just print Martin Samuels article on page 18 of todays Daily Mail. click on the photo to enlarge.
Lets hope this is the start of a concerted effort by the press to evaluate what a mess the Arrogant Peel Holdings and their poodles in Liverpool City Council are trying to do.........talking of which this is what the Council Leader has to say about it,

LIVERPOOL Council leader Joe Anderson last night waded into a heritage row threatening to derail a £5.5bn regeneration scheme for the city’s northern docklands.

Cllr Anderson will convene top-level talks over the Liverpool Waters project, which a new report said would damage the city’s World Heritage Site (WHS) status.
He told the Daily Post: “I do not believe that a certificate on the wall enhances the beauty of the Three Graces – they speak for themselves.
“But the accolade of having a Unesco World Heritage Site is one we are proud of, because the city rightly deserves the merit.”
Government advisor English Heritage (EH) has demanded changes to the huge skyscraper scheme.
A new report commissioned by EH warned the project would cause “significant damage” to the WHS.
Peel Holdings, which rejected the report’s findings, wants to regenerate the city’s northern docklands with a series of skyscrapers. It claims it will create more than 25,000 jobs and 14,000 apartments.
Last night, Cllr Anderson said: “I think we are in a situation where English Heritage is asking too much.
“I have plans in my office showing the Liver Building. People were objecting to it because of its size when it was suggested.

“Now it is recognised as one of the most iconic buildings in Europe.
“It is only by being visionary and imaginative that we can keep pace with the rest of the world.
“There is a balance to be had between protecting our heritage and making sure we move forward as a city.
“When you look at the balance, I think it gets it right. The historic waterfront is untouched.
“The city desperately needs jobs and new businesses.”
EH wants concessions, including removing a cluster of skyscrapers from the central area around Clarence Dock, leaving only one group of tall buildings around Princes Dock instead.
Peel has refused to agree to EH’s demands to remove any skyscrapers.
Last night, Cllr Anderson said EH was demanding too much, but added he wanted to arrange crunch talks to thrash out a compromise.
If EH objects to the scheme, as seems likely at the moment, and the council grants planning permission, the scheme would automatically be referred to Communities Secretary Eric Pickles, dramatically increasing the chances of a lengthy and costly public inquiry.


Here is English Heritage report in full. There does not look like much room for a compromise for me.