Friday, 6 May 2011

Mike Storey-The Boomtown Rat is Dumped-Good Riddance.

The only thing is its ten years too late to get rid of the caniving(in my opinion)little monkey. He who sold out our world heritage site.
My Opinion is he was A spiv for any developer who wanted to throw any old shoebox up. Good Riddance. Today he and othe Liberal Democrats get dumped.

Now Storey will not be able to sit on the planning committee.
Just what was his relationship with Bill Le Breton of the then October Communications, now Aurora Media? One high profile and openly gay Liberal councillor said "how can we trust someone who dosnt even tell his wife the truth about his own sexuality" 
This is the end of the sadest era of Liverpools architectural past and its destruction of its once great architectural legacy that was blighted by  shower of Fib-Dem Cowboys who were in with every dodgy developer this side of Chester. They all did more damage to Liverpools Heritage than the Luftwaffe.

But will the new Crew be any Better Here is Joe Anderson with Peel Holdings

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