Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Mann Island-Radio 4 Take An Interest For Its Beyond Westminster Programme

I was asked for an opinion to the Mann Island Disgrace for Radio 4's Beyond Westminster which was aired Saturday Last. Its worth a listen http://www.bbc.co.uk/i/b010r7by/ on the BBC i-player.. Mann Island is about 12 minutes into the intelligent programme about planning and the new localism bill.
Steve Parry makes a weak defence for his atrocious development that political strings, by the likes of, The Dame of Disaster, Doreen Jones who played the casting vote, were well and truly pulled.

Beyond Westminster - The Perils of Planning
John Kampfner examines what the coalition's new proposals for planning decisions mean for 'localism'.

This week's Beyond Westminster looks at one of the most controversial elements of local politics: planning. Planning decisions for new developments are usually fraught and most people agree there needs to be change.

In the latest budget, the Chancellor, George Osborne announced he wants to see a 'presumption in favour of a yes to sustainable development in future planning decisions'. At the same time, the government has introduced a localism bill which will empower local communities to have more say in planning decisions. Can the two approaches work together?

John Kampfner visit the Copmanthorpe Wind Action Group, battling against wind turbines and Paul Vickers reports from Merseyside where a controversial new development, the Mann Island project has polarised opinion.

Producer: Paul Vickers.

Further BBC reports for Radio Merseyside

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