Wednesday, 12 October 2011

BBC Radio Merseyside Job Cuts-But who is Doing The Cutting. Is It Alison Hastings, David Flemings Wife?

National Museums Liverpool have written a collective letter to express support against the BBC cuts that are being made at Radio Merseyside and at local TV and Radio in general.
When you think that Dr David "Fuzzy Felt" Flemings, NML Directors, (known for a cut or three himself,)  wife, Alison Hastings is doing the cuts, isn't that a bit of a oxymoron.
She is also a member of the Press Complaints Commission etc, etc,etc
She is also Vice President of the British Board of Film Censors so she will be alright for films to be sent to her. Here is a full list of the BBC trustees

Alison Hastings must be the networker of the year.

Alison Hastings

National Trustee for England
Alison edited a large multi-edition metropolitan evening newspaper which, under her, won awards for campaigning and investigative journalism. She now works as a media consultant for organisations like the Press Complaints Commission and Camelot. Alison’s career as a regional journalist and her life in

Liverpool give her a valuable perspective on the interests of licence fee payers outside London and the South East, making her the ideal person to hold the role of National Trustee for
England. Her understanding of the pressures faced by the commercial media gives the BBC valuable insights into the wider industry that will help shape its role in supporting a vibrant creative sector in the UK.

BBC Trust responsibilities
• Chairman, Editorial Standards Committee
• Chairman, Audience Councils Committee
• Member, Audiences and Performance Committee
• Chairman, Audience Council (England) Current external positions
• Vice President, British Board of Film Classification
• Media Consultant
• Member, Society of Editors
• Local Governing Board member, Birkenhead High School Academy Previous external positions
• Member, Press Complaints Commission (1999 – 2002)
• Editor, Newcastle Evening Chronicle (1996 – 2002)

So we have old fuzzy face Fleming cutting jobs at Liverpool Museums and his wife doing the same at the BBC, can you imagine the conversation at the breakfast table.
"How many thousands of innocent hard working people are you going to sack today dear"

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