Monday, 3 October 2011

Achilleas Kallakis, Ex Owner of Liverpools India Buildings On Trial For Fraud.

Achileas Heel, my opinion is, this man should be locked up.
He left India Buildings in Dire Straights with his corporate antics. Gambling with normal peoples lives, their businesses he played a silly game for his own enjoyment, Achileas Heel.
He did normal people out of redundancy payments. That is something the trial wont his dealings affected ordinary folk.  
A poker playing gambler. He played the same tactics in his every day life, I am aware of him employing horrid people to carry out his whims.
What a horrid little man my ex landlord at India Buildings was.
I lost track of the bullying tactics that he employed in India Buildings to secure his authority while all the time the shyster was allegedly robbing banks from his yacht in Monaco. pic thanks to Property Week
On trial along with Alexander Williams

Both have previously pleaded guilty to an offence of conspiracy to defraud. Under their previous names of Stefano Kollakis and Martin Lewis, the pair admitted in 1995 to selling fake titles and coats of arms to “unsuspecting Americans”, The trial is estimated to last three months and Robin Barclay and George Carter-Stephenson QC, barristers for the defendants, will begin arguments for their clients in the coming days.

I wrote a while ago about the SS Manxman owner, when the dodgy geyser left us all high and dry without services at India Buildings
The SS Manxman lies rusting and is about to be cut up.

 He ran his operations from Mayfair and Monaco.
 Anyway, Send him down. Its the best place for him, before he scams someone else.

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