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Why Wont Louise Ellman Answer Questions About Peel Holdings-

Louise Ellman MP


Liverpool is to lose its World Heritage Site status unless serious changes are made to the current proposals for Liverpool Waters.
I have long campaigned to save Liverpool’s WHS status and this is an unprecedented threat that will send a message to the world that we lack the culture to protect its assets.
There is an opportunity to make an effort that combines heritage and modernism.
This has been explained by English Heritage to the City Council ad Unesco and ICOMOS.
I welcome the right investment that will leave Liverpool with plans that will see it, fit for the 21st century but scorn any plans that to build Trafford Park-On-Mersey.


1. Would you please advise me what you are doing, if anything to protect Liverpool historic waterways and its WHS status?

2. What level of meetings you have had with senior executives within the Peel Holdings organisation.

3. Do you support a public inquiry?

4. Do you think Liverpool should lose its WHS or will you mediate in a realistic manner by persuading Peel Holdings to redraw its plans to protect heritage assets?

5. Liverpool has lost the WHS officer what is being done to ensure that the city council are protecting the WHS and are not blatantly paving way for a developer.

6. Peel Holdings have stated, that their finance is to come from China and I have met some of their Chinese delegation. There are doubts about Stella Shui and San Wa Minerals credibility. They don’t appear to a company that have not any credentials whatsoever. What checks have been made about these financiers of such a huge scheme that could destroy the WHS and their credentials?

7. Why is the Supplementary Development plan, ratified by the city council in 2009, being ignored by the Labour administration?

I look forward to hearing from you.

Wayne Colquhoun

      This is a copy of a letter Louise Ellman has point blank refused to answer. This letter was sent to the Madam in October 2012.
We wonder why she wont answer these questions?

First of all she said to Wayne who wrote the letter that she would not meet him because he is not a constituent.......that is convenient when it suits her.

Wayne reminded her that he runs a business and is a rate payer in her constituency and it was a matter he had been taking an interest in for some time and it was an important subject of  World Heritage and of  International importance in her Riverside constituency.

 He also reminder her that when it suits her, when she scents a bit of publicity she is very keen to meet, pointing out his role in helping to save the Chambre Hardman Archive of Rodney Street that he drew her attention to and she was happy to assist with and duly lined up for publicity shots.

He went to see Luciana Berger his MP who said it was not a matter that she could deal with as it is not in her constituency.
"But you are my MP" he told her
"Yes but I cant do anything because its not in my constituency"
"So who can" he asked
"Louise Ellman"
"But she has refused saying she is nt my MP"
"Well I can do nothing about it its not my concern"
"The pair of  you doing a double act giving me the runaround don't the pair of you care about losing the World Heritage Site" he frustratingly  proclaimed

Wayne got confirmation from Berger that she had no objections to him raising the matter in a meeting with Louise Ellman and reluctantly Ellman had to oblige.
Where she sat in the credit agency that she uses as an office on Lodge Lane, and  in Wayne's words "looking like a scalded cat wincing through her teeth saying nothing of any interest appearing not the slightest bit interested".

The above letter was sent prior to that meeting and the meeting did not satisfy questions raised and she still is slipping around dodging important issues like a real "slim customer" apparently ducking below the radar but Wayne wont take no for an answer.

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  1. What do you expect from Ellman and Berger, typical of today's Labour party, career politicians.They do nothing for Riverside or Wavertree !