Thursday, 16 May 2013

David Wade-Smith Costs Taxpayer £6.5million Quid


You cant make this up.
He is also the colleague of Frank McKenna's Downtown Liverpool in Joe Anderson's pocket, no wonder Private Eye keeps calling us Murkeyside.
In 2012 it was announced that Wade-Smith would join Herr Dictator Uncle Joe Anderson.
The set-up is completed by Julia Unwin, chief executive of the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, and city business leader David Wade-Smith.
It was also anounced that Robert Hough a Director of Peel Holdings would join the board. and its not just Liverpool that suffers from Peel Holdings. Wade-Smith was a darling of the Daily Ghost who kept on building him up........Bill Gleeson. you really do have a lot to answer for.
David Wade-Smith was a Chairman of the nest of spivs that is the Liverpool Chamber of Commerce as was Neil Scales "the moron who cut up U534 and its him that should be sectioned" He didnt like that.
Anyway sue us if you want you incompetent devious bastard hiding in plain view, right under the noses of the press and those that turn a blind eye we will not be gagged.
He also wasted £67,000,000 of our moeny on his hobby even Peter Elson was duped when he cut up the submarine rescued from the seabed intact and barged to Liverpool. Now he has buggered off to Austrailia

Today it is reported by the very paper that was promoting the Livesmart as the new oyster card the newly promoted
David Bartlett wrote
More than £6.5m of taxpayers money was wasted by transport authority Merseytravel on the purchase of a smart card company that never made any money.

An internal audit found that Merseytravel’s acquisition of Livesmart delivered “little tangible benefit” to the organisation or the taxpayer.
The ECHO has seen parts of the audit, which is being kept under wraps by Merseytravel.
The review, which was overseen by St Helens council, said “significant failings in corporate governance” by Merseytravel led to the huge loss.
The organisation is now in the process of winding up Livesmart and its chairman Liam Robinson, who took over last summer, admitted mistakes were made.
He said: “It is fair to say that Livesmart was not a successful commercial venture, giving little return for a significant investment by Merseytravel.
“We recognise that mistakes have been made in the past, but we are determined to examine them, learn from them, and make sure they are not repeated. That is the process we are following with Livesmart.”
Livesmart was founded in 2004 by businessman David Wade-Smith.
It ran the popular 08 Capital of Culture card scheme offering discounts to shops, retailers, restaurants and bars across Liverpool. Merseytravel first became involved in the company in 2006.
In 2008 the transport authority paid £750,000 to increase its stake in the company from 24.9% to 87%.
At the time Neil Scales, then chief executive and director general for Merseytravel, said: “This is a sound investment for us. It is a company of real potential.
“We are literally just touching the surface in terms of the potential for smart card technology.”
But the company spent the past few years racking up the huge losses with Merseytravel pouring money into the firm.
Mr Wade-Smith resigned from the company in October 2010, as did fellow director Carl Speight.
On the same day £441,000 was paid out to shareholders.
This was revealed in the company’s accounts for the year ending March 31, 2011. David Bartlett once wrote how wonderful it would be for the city

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