Monday, 6 December 2010

The Mole of Edgehill-They Are Digging Him Up Again.

Is someone trying to get their own back on the Mole of Edgehill for digging their ancestors garden up.
First they proclaim a memorial for him, albeit a tacky and shoddy one and now they dig that up.

Is there a new Mole of Grosvenor-pool?
Not content with the original disturbance of a graveyard site, it seems they are back again for more digging. Maybe they should have done the job with more careful planning.
Grosvenor think they dont need planning permission, being arrogant enough to erect without a planning application on Chavasse Lawn.

And they should think about building with less shoddy workmanship.
For a lot of people this area is now the first port of call, right into John Lewis car park and out again which you can just about see in the background.

Wouldnt you think with all the profits Grosvenor are making they would do a proper job.....first time around

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