Thursday, 2 December 2010

One Park West Residents Complain Of An Eyesore-The Barefaced Cheek Of It.

 The cheek of that, we have to look at the monstrous One Park Worst that came 4th in the Carbuncle Cup award for 2009.

 Here is what Mark "Padding it out" Waddington has to say.

OWNERS of luxury flats in Liverpool One’s One Park West development claim the tone of their “glamorous” area is being lowered by “vulgar, tatty” amusements outside their windows six months of the year.

To call this development glamorous....where does he live.
Inspired by a greenhouse the Widnes tech on speed inspired design(sic) has brought the most ugly looking vulgarity to Liverpool's World Heritage Site.

Padding goes on
Some of those who bought the plush properties – worth up to £500,000 – have objected to permission being granted for food and drink stalls, the 60-metre North Star fun ride, an ice rink, toboggan run, and band stands in Chavasse Park in the run up to Christmas.

The reality is that the place has been plumped out by the tragic event of the crane collapsing on a apartment in the Baltic Triangle. So most of them overlooked an eyesore anyhow. What about the three black coffins on Mann Island surely they have noticed the mess at the Pier Head.
The firm behind One Park West was keen to stress it was only a minority of residents who complained, but accepted it was “difficult to please everyone”.

Well the fair is bad, but isn't this like the kettle calling the pot black. One Park Worst.

Is this another publicity stunt.

The reality is the same is to be said of Church Street. Who organises this tat?

And is it Paul Du Noyer complaining?

Did they complain when they dumped the tacky 'Give Peas a Chance' Statue on Chavasse Lawn?

What does the Hilton Hotel chain think?
I think they have got what they deserve myself now they know what its like for us who have to look at them.


  1. Surely some mistake ? Visitors to the city complaining about One Park Worst is nearer the mark.
    Just to think what could, and should, have been made of Chavasse Park.



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