Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Peel Holdings-Being Helped by Liverpool City Council Planning Department.

Is that fair to the public who pay Joe Anderson's wages.

More dodgy planning applications shoved into the process at Xmas week when the whole country has ground to a halt.
Liverpool Planning authority is corrupted by the power it has been allowed to posses.

Last year the same thing happened http://liverpoolpreservationtrust.blogspot.com/2009/12/liverpool-planning-its-pantomime-nigel.html another dodgy planning application which we had stopped. And its Chris Ridland again every where there is controversy his and Bembows name crops up. Like when they passed planning permission for a hotel in a listed building without a consultation. http://liverpoolpreservationtrust.blogspot.com/2009/07/roscoe-house-27-rodney-street-urban.html
He is always there Mr Ridland is.

So today I have asked Joe Anderson why the authority operates this manner.

Liverpool Preservation Trust

11-13 Holts arcade
India Buildings
Water St
Liverpool L2 0RR
Email: liverpoolpreservationtrust@gmail.com
Tel: 0151 236 1282
Mr Anderson
Leader Liverpool City Council
Planning Application no 10F/2787

Mr Anderson,
I have today received the 21st December, a notification letter dated 14th December for a planning application regarding 1 Jessops Way L3 on behalf of Peel Holdings.
The comments to that notification that the planning authority is required by law to obtain have to be in by the 4th January.
Every year we see a planning application buried in the Xmas rush and bad weather and it is usually one of the most controversial which makes it look like a dodgy deal under the table at a busy time when no-one can have a reply, most people are not in work, most people have other things on their mind how convenient.
This is a disgrace. A planning authority should be seen to above this sort of behavior.
Last year the same thing happened with a extant planning application for a structure within the world heritage site next to the Liver Buildings and it was Chris Ridland involved again. I think you need to look at the way Mr Ridland is given permission to facilitate developers. It is my opinion he is out of control.
I wish to make an official complaint to you as council leader as to the handling of the extension of the planning application for Peel Holdings who it seems you yourself are involved heavily in assisting with planning applications for developments of theirs.

1. I wish to know when the planning application is to run out.
2. When it was granted.
3.What English Heritage reports are available.
4. What is the amount of consultation letters that have been sent out.

I wish to make it clear that you as council leader need to stop this way of dealing by the planning authority as it looks very bad looking in on it all.
I think the planning application should be resubmitted at a time when we the public who pay the wages of council officials have a fair and proper chance to have their say as is required by law.
I look forward to hearing from you by return

Wayne Colquhoun

Chairman LPT

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