Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Mann Island Wonder on the Waterfront.

The real wonder is how they ever got away with building three black coffins at Mann Island.
This is a full page advert in the local paper, I thought they said they had sold them was reported as such.
You will note that the White Coffin, the all new Wacky Warehouse-on-Sea...The Museum of Liverpool, is not shown in the picture.
That is because Dr Fuzzy Felt at NML has banned them from using the image connected with the black slugs. They are desperately trying to distance themselves from the Mann Island development, even though its all the same North "Vested Interest" Development Agency funding package. Loyd Grossperson threatened legal action if they were associated together just before Fleming had him sacked for reporting him to the DCMS. That's what was in the Sunday Times anyhow. To think the English Heretics let them get away with this.

Is this just my opinion? Well here is another.

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