Friday, 14 January 2011

The North "Vested Interest" Development Agency.

 Or in short "Systers Are Us".
How many dodgy deals have these grey suited flanneurs at the NWDA got away with.
Even right in front of the noses of the world on a world heritage site, the corrupted system that was and is Liverpool's regeneration is made a mockery of.
Considering that Mike Storey was on the board that is hardly surprising.

Joe Anderson, let it all happen while the Labour party used it as a foil for their election campaign.
Yet they rush headlong into bed with Peel Holdings whose ex chief executive a Mr Hough then became the Chairman of the NWDA. Louise Ellman with links the North Vested Interest Development agency and the GONW did nothing.
It stinks to high tide how they got away with this and now, "The Prisoner" David Bartlett at Port Merrion on the Mersey throws some light on the subject for the Daily Ghost. Claiming its all, now alright, the taxpayer will, well it says could benefit, and a Daily Ghost could,  means stuff all.

Yes the picture tells a story alright but the real headline is that the public were shafted by a bunch of shysters, and in doing so we lost the best views and most historic setting in the city to a trio of black coffins and a anachronis,m masquerading as a museum.
He forgot it was all the same deal that brought the whole destruction of the Pier Head into being, and was put together by the NWDA.
One funds the other, oh and lets throw in a canal that cuts the Pier Head in two, it needs it. Who were these goofs.

Hey good journalism David, made worse by the fact that Larry "the lamb" Neild whose position as city editor Bartlett took over at the Smoking Mirror Group went on to work for October Communications under the leadership of Jon Egan who im my opinion would sell his mother for a fee. Egan also led the disgraced Wirral MPs election campaign. October were retained by the NWDA and Neptune Developments and Liverpool Vision.
Someone needs to do an investigation into the way Trinity "Smoking Mirror" Group operate in the city.
The, no surprise is, this was probably fed to Bartlett by little Larry a small man of small stature who sold himself to the highest bidder when the going got tough. He was reporting our objections at the planning committee meeting but then fell in with Doreen Jones. I will never trust anyone at that paper again.
What was the outcome when the developers director was bailed on fraud charges.
The conclusion is that it is hushed up by the local chip-paper, was this as a friendly gesture to old mates. We can ponder just like what they did with the vrascist comment by David Fleming. Will Alsop got it right even though his cloud scheme was just as bad.

Bartletts confusing report, that attempts to put it over as a good will story finishes:

A spokesman for the NWDA said: “The NWDA is pleased that the independent PwC report into the sale of Mann Island finds that we acted properly in what is a complex site with a long and rich history.
“The NWDA is delighted with progress on the site and is proud to have led the development of this high quality, prestigious location, enhancing the beautiful and unrivalled Liverpool waterfront and creating a lasting legacy project for the city’s residents businesses and visitors.”

It should have said.
Jon Egan, I am yours, October Communications here I come, when do I start.

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