Monday, 10 January 2011

Martins Bank-Another "Dodgy" Liverpool City Council Planning Application.

Why would the Liverpool City Council want to put an application over Xmas, for what was described by the then 20th Century Society 1n 1982 as the finest 20th century Bank Building in Europe.
I will tell you why so it is ignored and it gets the nod through without objections.
The planning application goes no-where in explaining the magnitude of this historic structure.
Liverpool City Council Planning Department should be seen to be creating a level playing field so that we the public can see what is happening.
Without this visibility it could be construed that meetings behind closed doors are what truly happens with Liverpool's planning applications for buildings of historical importance.

The owners have sponsored City Council events.
Here are the documents
The c20th Century Society have not been informed.
They are the statutory consultee for 20th century buildings of historical note.

I have made the Council leader Joe Anderson aware that this habit of "hiding" applications in the Xmas rush only serves to expose how little the city council planning department wish to make the plans available to the public.
I operate my business 60 yards from Martins Bank an I have not received any notification letters.
I wrote to Steve Corbett requesting additional information some time ago. As usual he does not get too involved with the public but has numerous meetings with the developer creating an inequality of arms in the struggle to protect Liverpool from being plasticised.
The applicant has in my opinion made no moves to keep this building as a bank has not made any attempts to save the historical sector which has always been treated as a public space.
The applicant who may be a member of DLIB just wishes to maximise the cashback on a building that they have kept closed for sometime.

We have to be extremely careful not to undermine the historical setting of Martins Bank with its slave trading links back through the Gresham Bank etc and its symbolism that refers to Liverpool's murky past.

I will be supplying further documentation to support our objections to the way this application has been handled with a lack of consultation.

I have mad a complaint to the way the handling of this application has been carried out to the3 Chief planning officer and Joe Anderson the Council Leader.
Wayne Colquhoun
LIVERPOOL PRESERVATION TRUST Typical Trinity "Smoking" Mirrors turn it into a good news story.

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