Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Lewis's Its Our Story; Liverpools Own-BBC Take An Interest

Radio 4 did a programme, aired this this Monday
Roll out all the usual John Belcham suspects, to turn a blind eye to it all and make a living talking about the disasters after they have occurred, whilst doing nothing about it at the time.

Lewis's lost its way in the 60's really and never recovered through the 70's by which time it had a ugly tiled mural which now seems to be the centre of attention to the sentimentalists.
It does touch on the fact that Grosvenor-pool The Duke of Westministers fiefdom has seen it off for good.
Merepark the developers swing into a PR oportunity but it will never be the same again, it will soon be carbuncled.
People talk in the programme about the epicentre being moved and claim Liverpool is the same as any where else now.
Windsor Developments and their dodgy facilitator Trevor Jones was all over this area like a rash.
Is it time to move on now.......not for the people who were done out of their redundancy by the rat who owned the store up until it closed who had to have a body guard to visit the last time.

English Heritage did list it knowing about Merepark's plans several years ago.
It survived the Blitz but not the Riechmarshal Nigel Lee our Chief Planning Disaster and his dodgy Liverpool planning Junta.

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