Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Martins Bank-The Video Before The Destruction.

Bernard Byrne the owner of Martins Bank is going mad because someone has posted a video of his beloved Bank, that he is turning into a Hotel, on U-Tube.
He is blaming Frank Carlyle who does a Radio Merseyside Spot on the Tony Snell show on a Tuesday morning. Snelly may be some form of management for him to warble on.
Last time I saw him he was lost.
Frank who changes his opinion like the weather who once said Chavasse Park was "Gonna be Cracker". He is a misguided individual at times.

It is good, apart from the adverts, it is set to music and says at the end Thanks to Frank and Dave and all the Staff at Martins Buildings.
He has gone ballistic has Bernard Bog.
The reason is that he has not got full ownership of the Banking Hall.
Barclay's Bank still have a lease on it so he is pretty annoyed that if Barclay's get hold of the video he will get in trouble about it.
Have a look at the video and if any of you wish to send it to Barclays Head Office, well go ahead be my guest. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aA3fv4_X-FE
So if he hasn't got possession of the banking hall why is he putting a planning application to turn it into a hotel?

The planning application is to be discussed at the dodgy Liverpool Planning Committee on the 17th April planning application no 10F/2813 
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