Monday, 28 October 2013

5-7 Bridgewater Street To Be Demolished-How Many More Historic Structures Can Liverpool Afford To Lose?

 How much more of Liverpool’s Mercantile and Maritime history can we afford to lose.
We still have some old warehouses that are unique parts of our Maritime history in the Baltic Triangle. Some of them are deliberately targeted by developers.

Liverpool’s planning department have three functions accept. Process and pass, any planning application with a disregard for its history and its potential future use.
What makes this application unique is that it is next to a listed building.
Developers have destroyed most of the block on purpose.
It I easier to build boring bland shoe boxes apparently.
The building owners of 5-7 Bridgewater street have let them fall into disrepair.
In fact they are working on the demolition before the planning application has even been passed.
They are knocking the building down now. So confident are thy of it being approved.

13F/206 And once again its Liz Blake from the developers friends, Liverpool City Council Planing Department who is dealing with another historic building, as if is not there, with no disregard for history at all.
Are, Liverpool city planners colluding and conspiring with property developers?

That is a question part of something we were asked the other day. As part of a more wide ranging investigation into council wrong doing..
We go one further than that we say the whole system is corrupted from the Mayor down.
Demolition by stealth is far too common. Its easy to CPO poor people in the Welsh Streets but there is no engagement to tackle property developers. Just look what Neptune Developments, who are council sponsors are letting happen to the Futurist in Lime Street.

This actual area has been subject to further stealth demolition. These pictures are from the other end of the block and now the listed building in between, will be claimed as not worth keeping.
Marc Waddington at the Echo was made aware of this stealthing and did not give a damn.

What are the local press doing?……….nothing turning up at planning meetings or writing about it after the event?

Is Liverpool’s conservation office a joke?
Just what do they do?
 Do they exist?
This is what Waddington and Stinky Ink Bartlett, now promoted, should be looking into.

We at LPT have been fighting, and reporting on this area for years

While properties lay in various states of decay the developers now move in to homogenise the area.

Especially the culpable Dusanj brothers who sacked the entire brewery workforce and are being sponsored by the council to do this.

Come back Derek Hatton all is forgiven this new Labour crew make you look like an angel.

And all the time they keep on telling us the Baltic Triangle is going to be a cultural quarter.
Yes we know cultural quarter turns into a triangle.
We confirm today that the only bit of culture in Joe Anderson’s office is in the yoghurt in the fridge in the staff room canteen.
We cant lose any more old structures, there have been too many already needlessly lost.

You can see the application here.

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