Thursday, 17 October 2013

RIBA to move into Mann Island-Is This A Joke?

This has to be the biggest joke yet.

They build Three Black Coffins that spoil the best views of Liverpool’s Three Graces, and Herbert Rowses Ventilating Shaft that is currently being left to go to rack and ruin through neglect by Miserytravel. And then RIBA move in.
Thats The Royal Institute of British Architects.
 Herbert Rowse must be turning in his grave.
They throw up some of the most appalling buildings possible on the WHS.
 That were runners up in Building Design’s Carbuncle Cup competition and the clowns at RIBA appear to sanction them.

How standards have fallen really they have.
Looking into it a bit deeper wasn’t the RIBA area representative (that’s bad enough) the architect (without a capital A) Matt Brooks the architect of world heritage disaster who built the bloody things for Neptune developments.
 The firm of Broadway Malyan, should have been struck off, for building these monsters, not patted on the back by the RIBA goons.

You couldn’t make this up Architect destroys world heritage site and RIBA don’t notice and take an office there, probably on a rent-free deal.
The highest office block that Miserytravel have moved into costing the taxpayers millions is almost a carbon copy of Steers House that was on the site of the current Hilton Hotel.

Ans what about the structural problems.
Yes they knocked Steers House down one of the most hated buildings in Liverpool, and built Steers House only 12 storeys high instead of six.
And RIBA buffoons sanction it.
 You can just imagine them now sitting around the big plastic desk on their trendy Barcelona Chairs in their orange and red corduroy trousers with their dickey bows, oh and the mandatory little round Le Corbusier glasses…look at me I am an architect.

They promised us Iconic and really did shaft us with Ichronic and it all started in 2008 when Liverpool was European Capital of Culture.

Building Magazine has been around for a hundred years. Could Liverpool have built anything worse on its WHS.
Before and After. Dont ever forget how they shafted us! 

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