Monday, 3 December 2012

India Building Mutiny by Green Property Group

Peter Elson unfurls his sails and puts on a head of steam over the disgusting act of Vandalism perpetrated by Green Property Group on the Main Entrance to India Building.
Its bad enough they just seem to be running the building down but to then vandalise it.
It now transpires that Mike Tapp and Co, of, The Greed Property Group, the vandals of India Buildings have done so much damage when Dewhurst the joiner was ordered to remove the architectural fitments, that four of the six can no longer be replaced as they were, instead they are having to employ architects to find a way to re-instate them........ or face criminal proceedings from the City Council, who seem to be taking this very seriously indeed, and so they should.
It is hard to believe that educated people could do this to such a wonderful example of Herbert Rowse architecture.
All the warning signs were there for some time and it had not gone unoticed by some.
No one would have believed any sane person would wish to desicrate such a historic landmark in Liverpools World Heritage Site when Liverpool is on the Unesco World Heritage Site "In Danger" list.

It has caused unprecedented local press attention.



Lets hope that the owners of India Building now realise what they have and start to think about their responsibility.

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