Monday, 16 September 2013

Herbert Rowse Ventilating Tower Is Deteriating Badly-MerseyTravel Have Allowed This To Happen?

Why has this been allowed to happen?

Herbert Rowse would be turning in his grave at the way Miserytravel have allowed his Grade II listed Ventilating Tower at Georges Dock to deteriorate.
Please click on pictures to see full extent of the mess that has been allowed to happen due to poor maintainance.
This Egyptian inspired Art Deco style structure that is a ventilating tower for the Mersey Tunnel is within the Liverpool World Heritage Site.
 It is rated very highly indeed by national conservation bodies such as the c20 society.
How can this be allowed to happen?
 It is an outrage that one of our finest Inter War buildings.....that survived the Blitz, ends up in the hands of people who do not understand its historical importance and let it fall into disrepair.

It seems that the previous repair work carried out by Miserytravel has been so poor that the deterioration has been escalated.

The most likely cause of the damage is that when it was re pointed the mortar that was used was too hard and this has created a different expansion rate between the Portland stone, which is soft enough to carve.

This has allowed water to get into and around the mortar joints leading to what can only be called a disaster.

Miserytravel are now based in the new Miserytravel Tower, on of the three Neptune Black Coffins on Mann Island
 They should hang their heads in shame along with Liverpool City Councils pathetic Conservation office for allowing this disgraceful, and avoidable mess that has pockmarked the facade of one of Liverpool’s most famous and Internationally renowned structures.

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