Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Alastair Machray Apologises-But Its Too Little Too Late

So how come the editor of Trinity Mirror Group here on Merseyside was able to get away with this?

He makes a fool out of the city by throwing a headline together, that is in such bad taste that the Admiralty were made aware of it.
 Burgers and Ships, it read, at the start of the Battle of the Atlantic commemorations, or as the silly paper displayed more than once, Battle of the Atlantic celebrations.

The staff there at Old Hall Street have let him get out of control by not checking the man, by allowing him to subject the papers representations, and by doing so, theirs.
By giving out freebies from one of his mates, probably, at the Golf Club and chumming it along in a headline Machray has become a fool in the eyes of his journalists, some of who do work hard while others act as Frank McKenna's PR.

But not one of his scared little men challenged him; nobody will dare stand up to him.
Would they be Bevan Boys in times of war?.
It is no wonder the papers have lost circulation when the editor cannot be trusted.

A free burger from Iceland and his little bit of fun, by the man with the big title of, Editor in Chief, made all those news poodles look even more stupid than they already often do. With their ragged edge reporting direct from the council website and the numerous PR firms with ex Daily Post and Echo employees spinning rubbish, out of control.
 You should be ashamed of yourselves, really you should. There was time that your employees were respected, now you cant be trusted.
Why nobody challenged him, is why he gets away with taking the paper down to such a low level, as low as, The Sun.

Members of the local Naval representation were shocked and horrified we were told, they felt let down and humiliated
Those that lie on the bottom of the sea that lost their lives tossed and turned for sure when, in our opinion, the ignorant man declared it to be a little bit of fun.
It is hard to put into words how small a man is, when he does not even realise his mistakes, when he is representing a city, that lost a generation, that fought for the undignified mans freedom of expression.

The press complaints commission, a waste of time, said they couldn’t investigate, what, they, called, bad taste.

So a front cover of humiliation proportions and Machray pints a one-inch square as an apology buried at the foot of the page so no one will notice.

How does he think he can get away with this?

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    And he has the cheek to say the press should not be regulated. If there was ever a case why they need regulating its him