Thursday, 15 August 2013

Roz Gladdon Deputy Mayor of Murkyside and Friends Exposed In Private Eye.

This issue sees Roz Gladdon the Deputy Mayor (will someone put the horrendous Gary Miller out of our misery) of Murkeyside and friends showing us up after being exposed in Private Eye.
 Just how are they getting all this shady information about Murkyside?
 We believe they are only uncovering the tip of the iceberg and there will be much more to come.
 Its a shame the local press dont seem able to expose any of this, and if they did would that make a difference to the way people who may be inclined to pocket a pound or two behave.
 Liverpool recieved £950,000,000 European Objective One money that was dished out amongst other people to people running wastefull insitutions like Neil Scales and his mates David Wade-Smith.
 Who did the accounting for such a huge sum?
It was, reported by Bartlett or one of the other, if you were to believe the sob stories, Prisoners at Port Merrion on Mersey, that The European Union questioned why 200 florists were trained in a city that had did not have enough florists shops to employ them.
Is it because no-one was checking? Its no good reporting after the event you lazy little devils..  

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