Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Frank McKenna In Private Eye Again

How many members of Downtown Liverpool In Business do we have to look into before notice is taken in the local community here on, what Private Eye calls Murkeyside.
 Dont forget Frank McKenna sponsors the Liverpool Daily Ghost "views and blogs" section that contains the Editors blog, and is so often featured within the local papers that we think he is dictating the news.
The reality is that to expose the comings and goings of McKenna and his mates, it has to be done in other journals rather than Trinity "Smoking" Mirrors here on Murkeyside. This is a reality.
Why was this alleged VAT carousel fraud not exposed in the local papers.
 Was it blocked by the Editor?
Joe Anderson is a regular guest speaker at the events that McKenna puts together to sponsor his business partners.
Is The Liverpool Embassy in London a way for McKenna to extend his business clients?
These are questions we will be looking the corrupted systen that is the local papers dont seem to want to. 

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