Thursday, 8 September 2016

Reclaim St Luke's Church and Preserve It As A Blitz Memorial........Before Its Too Late.

Why have the public now been barred from St Luke's Church and Gardens?
We are worried that, the people who should be in charge of our historic buildings, and St Luke's is registered with The Imperial war Museum as a memorial to the blitz, are being Gerry-Mandered by Malcolm Kennedy and his foolish idea of regeneration.

 I.E Lime Street, which he was in charge of.

Read about some of Malc's previous work here.

The public do not want st Luke's, our church, our blitz memorial to be carved up as a trendy wine bar.
Or worse remember Lawrence Kenwrights idea for a wedding venue..

The Church and Gardens have been closed for repair for a year now.
So why aren't we the public allowed access again?

SAVE ST LUKES from another Malcolm Kennedy Regeneration disaster.


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