Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Joe Anderson Spends £2,000,000 To Demolish The Futurist. Lime Street Will Never Be The Same Again.

If you are ever wondering why there are potholes in the roads and schools are crumbling, and your ageing relatives cant get a place in a nursing home because it has been closed. And they cant get the care they need then this is it.
Its because the money, taxpayers money, needed to run the council is going to Joe Anderson's property developer mates.
Two million quid spent helping his mates demolishing a decent building that was part of our history. 
What does he get out of going against the wishes of the public who elected him? 
The out of control Mayor of Liverpool has just spend the cash needed for services, servicing Neptune Developments.
 So embedded are they, along with, quite a few other developers, that are, in bed with Joe Anderson that he has been blind to what his priorities are.
He was not elected to Spiv for developers.
He keeps on winging about how his budgets have been cut by the government, and he wastes millions helping his mates.
Lets hope that someday he is sitting there eating his 46 pies for lunch, and he gets a sharp prick to his conscience.
And he realises that he is not the Mayor of Liverpool, who was elected to destroy the heritage of the city and lose the hard fought World Heritage Site status.
He was elected to listen to the public.
We have to question also the rest of the staff at the City Council.
What does  Ged Fitzgerald the Chief Executive do about this waste of taxpayers money while claiming the Tory government are to blame.
And whatever happened to transparency about the council child abuse scandal while Ged Fitzgerald who is lying low, out of sight, was at Rotheram Council. 
There appears to be another cover up.
Where are the so called journalists at the Liverpool Echo in following up this?

Come back Derek Hatton all is forgiven.

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