Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Baltic Village-Jerry Built Architecture By Neptune Developments. Not Fit For Liverpools Historic Landscape

 There was a time when Liverpool had pride in its past, 
When it respected its heritage.
Not any more.
With a Mayor who has restructured the planning department to assist his property developing mates and aquaintances such as Frank McKenna of Downtown Liverpool.
Allowing Rob Burns to run riot with the planning department is a outrage in itself.
This man has been allowed to steamroller through some of the most awful sets of plans that we as a city will have to live with.

There are far too many who are still living in the past making, now silly comments about Liverpool's Wonderful Skyline being up there with the best in the world. 
The writer used to think so too.
 That's why we fought so hard to save it. 
But now it is a sad and forlorn shadow of itself and the public need to wake up to reality before any more damage is done.

 Liverpool is on the Unesco World Heritage In Danger List.
There were many objections when they built the Hotel Ibis overlooking the Albert Dock.
The writer was one.
 We said it was not fit for its location across the Strand from the biggest bulk of listed buildings in the country.
And they went ahead and built it.
This was a time when the biggest property developer in the area was the creepy Trevor Jones......and while his wife was chair of the planning committee.
 They both jointly owned Lamb & Sons the last ships chandlers in the city.
 Knocked down overnight to escape an appplication to list it.

Then Neptune Developments aquired the site and now Jerry build a couple of new blocks of student style flats that make the Formula One look like  outstanding architecture.
Its not just the style of construction it is the way they are being pre-fabbed.
They are knocked up out of pre-formed concrete panels with stick-a-brick decoration.

 They come on a lorry and then are craned into place.

They have incorporated a end block where the students can sit and look over the architectural abortion that Neptune also created at the Pier Head .......that helped get us in deep water with Unesco who are trying to advise the city that you just don't do this with a World Heritage Site. 

The world will laugh at you if you do. 
The only thing that is allowing the planners and the Mayor to assist his property developing mates is that the public don't really care and allow it all to happen without a fuss.

Where are SAVE Britains Heritage when you need them......well at least they are fighting.
The Lime street proposals......also put forward by the Jerry builders Neptune Developments

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