Friday, 22 April 2016

Liverpool Futurist Lime Street To Be Demolished By Stealth-Blame Joe Anderson.

Dodgy Liverpool City Council planning department.
 Rob Burns strikes again. 
He is the ignorant heritage and design manager appointed by a dodgy Mayor to ensure that no spokes are put in the wheels of development for Joe Andersons cronies.
 Neptune Developments are one of those "cosy" developers who have somehow managed to wangle their way into the council chamber and have privileged access to a Mayoral Development Fund that is being administrated in the most disgraceful manner.........Largely To Frank McKenna's mates.
We first highlighted this years ago.
When we questioned the way the Echo are in on it and bringing the attention to the public is what the developers and its dodgy PR company create a debate. The time would have been best employed fighting to save the facade rather than the usual rabble rousing that they like to do. Misguided by a fool of an editor they print this headline after the cordon was placed around the old cinema a week ago, almost helping Joe Anderson and his cronies.

Where are the surveyors reports where are the questions?

Well Alastair Machray is only good at one thing and thats making staff redundant.
SAVE have done a good job here in trying to SAVE the Futurist.

This will be a big regret if we lose the city scape and roof line of Lime Street and replace it with a load of shoe boxes that will become the tenement slums of the future.

Shame on You Joe Anderson You Dodgy Little Mayor.

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