Thursday, 24 March 2016

Joe Anderson says "Waterfront Is Our Best Asset-After He Has Got Us Placed On The Unesco World Heritage 'In Danger"' List

You couldn't make this up.
Only in Liverpool can a Mayor be such a bold faced property developers friend and get away with it. come back Derek Hatton all is forgiven. Oh he is already back.
Il Duce Anderson is the reason Liverpool is on the In Danger list and he now he, along with his Daily Poodles at the Liverpool Echo gets a soundbite that give the impression that he cares about it.
While allowing his minions such as Rob Burns to run riot over all the rules of planning based on good practice.

While Liverpool becomes the European Capital of Potholes he tells all his property developing friends at MIPIM the jolly junket that he will bend over backwards to help them.

And all reported by Peels poodle Tony McDonough and edited by Alastair Machray.

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