Monday, 29 February 2016

Lets Take A Sentimental Journey

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Liverpool South Parkway Station-A Complete Cock Up

Yes someone has to say it especially as they are spinning it that this is, or has, "World Class Connections".
Well the reality is they spent £30,000,000 of our money rebuilding this station and rebranding it.....................but the London trains cant stop there because the platform is not long enough.
So you get off at John Lennon Airport you get a bus to Lime Street Station and get on a London train and then steer right past the station that claims to have world class connections. The planners can only be described as world class idiots for even attempting to kid you that it is a success. All that is missing is a Ken Dodd statue like the one that was unveiled at Lime Street Station and Neil Scales could have wasted another couple of hundred grand.
The local press kept all this quiet in 2008 so as not to show how innefectivly the billion pounds of European Objective One funding was being distributed by the North "Vested Interest" Development Agency.
So now Joe "Come and inspect the books" Anderson has opened a Embassy in London so he can promote business for Frank McKenna's mates at Downtown Liverpool.
Anderson just sounds like a whinging scouser blstering away. BBC News article about the Embassy.

They wont be promoting this, err, apparent oversight to those business men who come here by plane from London and waste hours sitting on a bus going through the council estate in Speke sitting next to a scally in a trackie with a Pit Bull Terrier.
And then when they get to Lime Street watching as the train goes right past where they started.

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