Friday, 26 February 2016

Grade II Listed Georgian Property Demolished-In The World Heritage Site.

There is supposed to be protection against demolition in a world heritage site......isn't there?

Lets take a sentimental journey back to 2009


Lets Take a Sentimental Journey-With Berni

Here we start right in front of the Municipal Buildings on Dale Street and we walk towards the Town Hall where the planning committee met. All those council members including Colin "Cover up" Hilton, Mike Storey, Warren Bradley and Councillor Berni Turner who describes herself as The English Heritage Historic Environment Champion, let me just check I have got that right, yes, will have walked past this for.........well decades really. And here they are now listed, but still falling over. No matter how many soundbites we get in the local press the fact is there for all to see this council is immune to dereliction despite telling us how wonderful they are.
So over the road from there is Old Jamaica, we call it Old Jamaica because the Georgian building was bulldozed despite strenuous efforts to save it. We started off complaining about the UPVC window front that had been fitted in Revive hair salon, that now needs reviving because it is shut. To no avail there it was dust.


The next street is Sir Thomas Street runs adjacent to the municipal buildings. We tried to save No 6. Now demolished. That too needs reviving as after destroying the facade it is now well and truly credit crunched. What a waste.

Then we just go a short way down and we come across further dereliction, and this is just an example, there is more. To think this is the route that Berni Turner would have taken to the planning committee meetings to sit alongside Councillor Steve Hurst, who passed the demolition of 6 Sir Thomas street with such vigour I could not believe what I was hearing, it seemed like he wanted it down.
Doreen "Dame of Disaster" Jones rubber stamped it and a very interesting point of fact, that needs, considering is, that she was the previous English Heritage Historic Environment Champion. She who knocked down the last ships Chandlers in the city along with her husband Trevor. She who in my opinion passed plan after plan with no thought for world heritage or in fact heritage, who said "Politics is a dirty business" while supporting Steve Hurst whilst he was under caution. To think she was a heritage champion is a joke.
And down to the Royal Insurance building on the Corner of Dale Street and North John Street on English Heritics at risk register for a decade laying there decaying with all the vultures waiting to roll over its carcass and pick dry its bones.
So there you go Berni the memories will come flooding back of how you strolled down Dale Street off to planning meetings and others, to defend our heritage day after day and what a wonderful job you are doing and how you proudly proclaim your title as
The English Heritage Historic Environment Champion.
Three Cheers for Berni.......hip hip.... hang on, what have you been doing Ms Turner, this is a world heritage site that you have been journeying along for years and it is a diabolical mess.

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