Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Are Mayor Joe Anderson and Derek Hatton Working Together?

In a recent Echo article (6th August 2016) Derek Hatton says Sefton Meadows is not worth keeping as parkland. Joe Anderson wants to build swanky upmarket houses there.
This is the man who in the 80's claimed to be doing us all a favour by building parks for the people of Liverpool.
Take example Everton Park.
He also claimed to be building houses with gardens for the working classes.....good old socialist charmer is Mr Hatton.

Here is an interesting news article how Trinity Mirror bought the Hattons family business.
The Drum says:
The acquisition of Liverpool-based digital agency Rippleffect raised a few eyebrows. But this surprise was not based on the agency’s performance – far from it. The intrigue comes in the form of the buyer: Trinity Mirror.
 The agency was formed in 1999 by managing director Ben Hatton with the backing of his father and former politician Derek Hatton and now has upwards of 40 staff and clients that include football clubs Everton, Celtic and Fulham; gym brand Total Fitness; and corporate firms such as Mercedes Benz and Littlewoods. In addition, The Drum broke the news last month that Rippleffect had been appointed to a three-year contract to manage the website of Arsenal FC.


 There are plenty of rumours around town about the relationship between Mayor Joe Anderson and Derek Hatton.

We would like to hear about them, and seperate the truth from the myths.
 email us in confidence at liverpoolpreservationtrust@gmail.com

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