Thursday 5 April 2018

Nasty Nick Small. Liverpool City Councillor.

Who Is No Help At All.

Some India Buildings shopkeepers recently asked Nick Small if he would meet with them as they were having a horrid time. This was because of the inefficient and ineffectual builders that saw the pavements blocked and at least 10 holes dug in the streets outside their shops. The landlords seemed to be controlling this as if on purpose. To make thinks more difficult for the traders.
Nick Small is the assistant Mayor of Liverpool.

We heard that the builders had bought the streets around India Buildings from the council for a year. Buying out all the parking bays and having Fenwick Street closed. 
This seemed one of the reasons why all the local shopkeepers were struggling. 
Business was down significantly. Customers could not get to their shops.
He did not willingly wish to get involved. It was only when the Mayors office got a call that he arranged to come out and see those shopkeepers, struggling in his ward.
He turned up 30 minutes late and one shopkeeper had to leave right away as they had an appointment booked.
Then right from the off he started shouting at the small business owners who were worried about their livelihoods and wished to talk to him.
He was taken into Mr Gazali's newsagent, City News. This poor guy is being stripped of his ability to trade by the pavements being closed. There were obstructions and numerous signs blocking the way people walk.
The council had placed signs in a most inappropriate way, that did more to hinder movement than assist.
The main sign was a massive one saying Small Businesses Open As Usual. 
 This was blocking the Merseyrail Water Street entrance.
That sign was, in the way. To make things worse the council placed several more signs in front of it with arrows marking that pedestrians should walk around........ the signs that did not really seem to be in the right place anyhow.
We are advised that there did not seem to be anyone thinking about the situation at all. There were holes in the pavements. One of the contractors fell in one.
Just have a word with this poor guy he was asked may not be here that long if it continues like this.
When told of his plight he proclaimed, in a drunken tone.
“Well we will get other shops in here when the building is done up”
He went into City News along with another shopkeeper and he insulted them.
The shopkeeper spoke English as a second language and luckily for him, he did not get the full gist of his tone.
“I cant see what the problem is” he said “The newsagents was busy then when I went in” he was heard to say out loud. One shopkeeper walked off disgusted with him.

He was not interested at all. He had another agenda, and it was not to help.
Or even listen to people who had paid rates for decades. A random member of the public told him “I walk here everyday and this is dangerous” he said “People are walking out into the road right from the station entrance. People walk in a way they are used to.”
He then started arguing with them. The man went after being bemused. 
He created an argument in the street, defending the developers.

The newsagent was evicted two weeks later and the other shopkeeper has been forced out by the despicable Landlord of India Buildings.
 The Post Office has also been forced out and others are currently fighting eviction by the most unscrupulous sort.
“Thanks for helping Small businesses Nick. 
Or not.
 Lawrence Kenwright has got the measure of you alright.

 You were a complete waste of time. You behaved with no respect for the people who get you elected, your constituents.
It was as if he was employed by the developers in some capacity. It seems that he is not interested in those businesses that have been trading for 20 years.
Just insulting them.
A labour councillor in bed with big business. Just like his mate Gary Millar of Chinatown fame.
 This is not Liverpool anymore. This is not a labour council.
 They may as well be a Tory council.
 Even Trevor Jones would not have let this go on.
Betty Braddock must be turning in her grave.
You should be ashamed of yourself you nasty, little, or should we say Nasty Small man.

David Ward

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