Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Cruise Wars-Liverpool In Deep Water.

Warning! Fog bells ringing.
Trinity "Smoking" Mirror Group lead us into deep water.
And now the whole City of Southampton seems to be against us.
Just why did they start this, Scouse Wedding at Sea?
Why could we not be represented in a fair and proper manner instead of invoking the wrath of Southampton who were just getting on with their Cruise business?
How can the Trinity "Smoking" Mirrors Group ever thought they could get away with this?
Please read the comments there a rather a lot but they say a lot there have been over 200 left on the Southampton Echos website. And 5 or 6 on the Daily Ghosts.
From the Southampton Echo.
Anger at Liverpool port’s plans
8:30am Sunday 27th September 2009
By Will Carson
SOUTHAMPTON’s MPs have vowed to do all in their power to ensure the future of the city’s lucrative cruise industry.As revealed in the Daily Echo, Liverpool and Portsmouth ports have teamed up behind the scenes to lure away Southampton’s cruise business.Liverpool port bosses wrote to Portsmouth seeking their support for controversial plans to allow luxury liners that are currently only able to visit its docks to instead start using it as a base to start and end voyages, known as turnaround cruises.In return they offered their backing for Portsmouth’s own dreams to grow its fledgling cruise operation.Because it was built with £20m of taxpayers’ cash, the plans to alter the use of Liverpool’s cruise terminal at the city’s historic Pier Head – once a gateway for millions of transatlantic passengers – have infuriated Southampton port owner ABP, which has invested £41m in the cruise business here since 2004.Southampton MPs John Denham and Alan Whitehead have responded to the move by holding emergency meetings with Southampton port bosses, as well as scheduling high-level talks with Government transport chiefs.Communities Secretary and Southampton Itchen MP Mr Denham said: “I will be telling the transport minister that everyone accepts that you can’t object to fair competition, but there’s an issue when you say you are going to use public money for one thing but then use it for something else. Competition needs to be fair.”Dr Whitehead, MP for Southampton Test, added: “I will do all in my power to secure the future of cruising in Southampton.”Emails were sent to ports around the UK from Liverpool asking for support – but Southampton says it never received one.Southampton port director Doug Morrison said it showed Liverpool were worried about the competition. He said: “We are concerned that Portsmouth and the likes are in cahoots with Liverpool to try and get one over on Southampton.” MEANWHILE
TWO, WHAT SEEM TO BE, PLANTED LETTERS APPEAR IN THE LIVERPOOL DAILY GHOST LETTERS PAGE . I am always dubious to letters that are sent via e-mail without an address. I would have a little wager that the senders of these letters could not be produced with legitimate addresses and that they don't exist. Trinity "Smoking" Mirrors.
Meanwhile Peter Elson cruises on, oblivious to the fuss in Southampton.
Today he is writing about the need for the Navy to get more canon chaff fodder out of Liverpool by using the Cruise Liner Jetty as a Naval facility to help them recruit.
A question that has not been asked is how much do the Navy pay for the use of the jetty to tie up their ships, surely the MOD factored this, into the use of the facility.
Here is the further proof of childish pathetic writing from Larry Bartlett that got us in these Cruise Wars in the first place.
And here is some decent writing that is worth a read; from Correspondent entitled Oldham Echo, Fight Arranger.

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

The Pedestrianisation of Castle Street is Off.

Yes, one of Liverpools original seven streets, Castle Street, leading to the Town Hall, where Mayor, Mike "Jackanory, spin us another one, just like the other one" Storey is now donning his antiquated, silly looking, hat and coat, is not, to be a cafe culture hub after-all.
It was proposed while he was leader, as a place where people sit and while away the hours in continental fashion.

Part of the Castle Street Conservation Area.

The Reason?
They Cant find enough paving flags with Chewy on to match the originals.
Yesterday I recieved at the shop a big white envelope entitled Consultation Documents Please Do Not Destroy.
This contained all the proposals for the Castle Street U-Turn.
There will be no consultation about is already decided by the City Council Junta. The Fiberal-Democrats they just make it up as they go along, they tell Larry Bartlett and the Daily Ghost tells everyone out there in phleb-land on behalf of the Council.

Friday, 25 September 2009

Cruise Wars-Scouse Wedding at Sea started by Trinity "Smoking" Mirrors.

In retaliation to the childish rubbish in the Liverpool press the Southamptom Echo says:

Northerners might prefer to join ship closer to home
2:00pm Friday 25th September 2009
Comments (4) Have your say »
By Matt Smith »
THE man with his hand on the tiller of the UK’s largest cruise fleet has embraced the idea of Liverpool becoming a fully fledged cruising rival to Southampton.
Carnival UK chief executive David Dingle said a “turnaround port” in Liverpool, which could take a slice of Southampton’s lucrative cruise industry, would be an interesting proposition.
He suggested many of the hundreds of thousands of cruise passengers who make the journey down to Southampton would prefer setting sail closer to home.
Any relocation of cruise liners to Liverpool would cause a dent in Southampton’s economy worth millions and threaten jobs.
Liverpool is presently a calling port for just a handful of cruise ships while around 300 ships and one million passengers used Southampton last year to start and end their voyages.
In an interview as chairman of European Cruise Council, Mr Dingle said he was “confused” why Liverpool had invested in port facilities for calling ships as it wasn’t, on the whole, attractive as a “way port”. To base ships in Liverpool made more economic sense, he said.
“The big opportunity is as a turnaround port for people who live in the north of England to start and end their cruise,” he said.
“The only slight concern then is that if you are on southbound cruises, the steaming time to say Gibraltar or the Canaries – the points when you really hit the sunshine – is a bit longer, but some people are happy to trade that off against the convenience of getting on their ship in Liverpool.
“Manchester is 35 miles from Liverpool – it’s over 200 miles to Southampton. It’s got to be of interest, hasn’t it?”
Civic leaders and Southampton port owners ABP, which has invested £41m in the cruise business in the city since 2004, including the new £19m Ocean Terminal, are objecting to a bid by Liverpool City Council to get full turnaround status for its £20m taxpayer funded cruise liner terminal. Liverpool needs Government approval as European funding was used to build it.
A spokesman for Carnival said it had no plans at present to relocate ships from Southampton.
“Southampton is the home port of Carnival UK and we have no plans to move our operations.
“We are greatly invested in the city with Carnival House recently opening to home 1,300 employees and a new 20 year contract with ABP Southampton, which has seen the opening the purpose built Ocean Terminal.”
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Cruise Wars: What's the row all about?
Comment: Liverpool have got a cheek!
The billionaire tax exile at the centre of cruise wars

But Son of Larry Neild David Bartlett plagiarises in typical scouse wedding fashion.

You've got to admire Southampton and the way they have jumped to defend their port business.
In fact the level of ferocity of anti-Liverpool sentiment that has been stoked up betrays the fact that Southampton is genuinely worried.
And so it should be. When you look at what Liverpool has to offer compared to Southampton, there is no comparison.
Liverpool is the Capital of Pop. Our artists have produced more number one hits than those from any other town or city. The Beatles are our most famous export.
Southampton's most famous musical export is probably Craig David - unless you count Benny Hill. He hit the top spot in 1971 with Ernie (Fastest Milkman in the West).
Liverpool is the most filmed British city outside London with credits including: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Sherlock Holmes, 51st State, The Hunt for Red October, Nowhere Boy, In the Name of the Father, Letter to Brezhnev, Backbeat and Priest.
The One Show once filmed a feature in Southampton called 'Why ice is slippy'. The city was the location for an HSBC training video.
Liverpool FC are the most successful club in British history, with 18 league championships, five European cups, three UEFA cups, seven FA cups and seven league cups. Everton have competed in the top flight a record 107 seasons and won the league nine times, the FA Cup five times and a European trophy (Cup Winners Cup).
Southampton FC have won the FA Cup. Once.
Liverpool was the European Capital of Culture in 2008 and has been a UNESCO World Heritage City since 2004. The city has 2,500 listed buildings and 250 public monuments - including the largest collection of Grade II listed buildings outside London. Liverpool Cathedral is the largest in the country.
Southampton has the world's oldest bowls green.
I suppose what's galling about this is the way stereotypical anti-Liverpool comments start getting bandied about.
Take Gareth Williams, business editor of Southampton's Daily Echo:
"Looking south with envious green eyes, dock chiefs drooled over Southampton's cruise business, the jewel in the city's crown and, to paraphrase children's favourite Burglar Bill, said: "I'll have that"...
"The Liver Bird that now aims to fly away with that hard-won title on wings feathered with public funds should find instead only shame stuck in its craw."
The implicit undertone of this is: "Look these thieving Scousers want to come along and nick what is rightly ours."
A quick check of Southampton Port website reveals there are four cruise terminals. Liverpool has one on its waterfront.
Liverpool's Pier Head terminal has 16 cruise ships visiting this year, Southampton has 300.
Yes Liverpool is great, which is why they are so worried down in the Hampshire.
But the truth is the two locations are not in competition. Liverpool is capturing business for the UK that was previously not coming here.
And before we let Southampton get too carried away about "abuse of state aid", let's look at the history of Associated British Port which owns the city's port.
Associated British Ports started life as The British Transport Docks Board (BTDB) when it was established as a body corporate under the Transport Act 1962.
So yes the tax payer helped Southampton establish its dominant position.
Oh, and now it is "a limited liability company domiciled and incorporated in Jersey", to me and you that's a low tax jurisdiction.
So a company complaining about unfair state aid does not even pay taxes here.
David Swift said:
Liverpool landed the first punch in a fight which did not and should not exist. Since Southampton were unaware of what was coming their way the punch was below the belt. This does nothing for the reputation of our city. No wonder we got the stereotypical anti-scouser response. This has got nothing to do with the cultural merits or otherwise of each city - it isn't a beauty contest, it's about MONEY. If Peel are so confident of the cruise liner trade then just pay back the £20 million grant aid and get the turnaround facility. As for tax exiles, I believe John Whittaker lives in the Isle of Man.
September 25, 2009 4:45 PM
Ronnie de Ramper said:
Liverpool has been whining about Southampton for over 100 years, ever since the White Star Line quit the city for the south in 1907. And the tone of the complaint hasn't matured either. In 1924 at the Empire Exhibition, Liverpool trumpeted its 'natural superiority' over Southampton to anyone who would listen. Increasingly no one did: people were tired of Liverpool's puffed-up special pleading even then. (source: Belchem's Liverpool 800) And here we go again, attacking another city because Liverpool hasn't got its act together. If 300 cruises stop at Southampton, but merely 16 at Liverpool, this hasn't happened by chance; it's happened by choice - including passenger choice. Southampton has a better integrated reception system, not just a pretty view; it's much nearer London; and its smaller tidal range allows easier docking. I doubt Southampton would object to Liverpool winning its share of a growing cruise market by fair competition. But first, Liverpool should learn to compete fairly, not indulge in horrible displays of civic jingoism and crass name-calling. It didn't work in 1907 nor in 1924. And it won't work now - unless of course Liverpool is doomed to repeat the mistakes that led to its decline.
September 25, 2009 6:48 PM

Prof said:
David, I totally agree with Ronnie. Are you sure Paddy didn't write this as one of his spoofs? It looks to me that we provoked the tirade of anti Liverpool comments and I have to ask is it wise or productive to now start insulting the whole of Southampton because they didn't produce the Beatles and then list all those tired old football missed out two cathedrals. We are supposed to be presenting Liverpool as re-born not just hoing on and on about the Beatles and football.
I think you will find that Benny Hill is loved and admired internationally, it is only poe-faced political correctness who focussed on the admitted decline into the more "seaside postcard" element that overnight saw him taken off the telly and yet The Two Ronnies and the like are equally guilty of sexual sterotypes and dirty old men. Benny Hill was a very clever and gifted writer and comedian but somebody decided he went out of date and to show how right-on we all are many people agreed. So we now end up with Little Britain.
If Benny Hill had been from Liverpool, we would have a Fred Scuttle day with the Mayor leading all the councilors through town walking fast in a line to the Yakety Sax theme tune, chasing Sonia in a French maid outfit.
But on a more serious note this kind of exchange between cities can be so destructive so don't be surprised the next time some "Scouser / Liverpudlian / Liverpolitan" gets bottled in a Southampton pub when they hear his accent or some poor sod from Southampton get's battered here by a bunch of jingoistic morons, we need to think is this the cultural level we wish to promote?
This is down to LiverPeel not Liverpool

So the Oldham Echo and its sickly sister the Daily Ghost have adopted the principle of the Welsh National football team by kicking this off, and in the words of their then coach. "We used to always try to equalise first".

Only sometimes as in this instance Liverpools Naval barrage backfires big time, and I for one would prefer that the spivs and its press facility who run the city dont behave in my name in this pathetic manner.

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Cruise Wars. Southampton Gives Liverpool A Full Naval Salvo.

Southampton Echo fires a Naval salvo at Peel Holdings chairman, claiming the biggest benefit to the increase in Port Traffic will be for the port authority and that company is Peel.

They have even got a Cruise Wars logo and all this week they have run a series of articles relating to "Cruise Wars" while the Trinity "Smoking" Mirror Groups papers the Oldham Echo and the Daily Ghost have not uttered a word since acting as protagonist and trouble maker Friday last. They claimed Southampton were blocking the plans to make the Cruise Liner Jetty into a fully operational turnaround facility. No-one in Southampton knew the first thing about it.
Built by Balfour Beatty the jetty in my opinion was overpriced.
Southampton Echo Says;
The billionaire tax exile at the centre of cruise wars
9:30am Thursday 24th September 2009
Comments (7) Have your say »
By Gareth Lewis »
ONE of the biggest winners from the £20m taxpayer funded cruise terminal in Liverpool that threatens Southampton’s trade is a billionaire tax exile, the Daily Echo can reveal.
John Whittaker, the chairman and majority shareholder of Mersey Docks owner Peel Holdings, is the richest resident of the Isle of Man tax haven with a personal fortune estimated at £1.3 billion.
Although the terminal is run by Liverpool City Council, all visiting ships pay fees to Peel Ports as the harbour authority and liner visits are expected to soar if controversial plan to open it up to lucrative turnaround cruises is given the green light.
Whittaker, 67, is ranked as the 28th richest man in the country with vast property investments and his Peel Holdings empire stretching from Clydeside in Scotland to the Manchester Ship Canal and Trafford Centre as well as the Mersey docks and Liverpool’s John Lennon Airport.
Currently cruise ships are only able to visit the Liverpool terminal, but the city council is now asking to be allowed to use it as a base for the more profitable type of voyages that start and end at the terminal, known as turnaround cruises.

When you realise what Southampton got for £20,000,000 in the way of facilities we have to ask where did the money go.

We are not saying any price fixing went on in Liverpool but Balfour Beatty have just been fined for Frigging in the Rigging.
Balfour Beatty Construction Limited and Balfour
Beatty Refurbishment Limited (for infringements
from 2000 onwards) and Mansell Construction
Services Limited (for infringements from 19
December 2003), together with their current
ultimate parent company Balfour Beatty plc. For
infringements involving Mansell prior to 19
December 2003, Mansell and its former ultimate
parent company Mansell plc (50% leniency)
Mansell and Mansell plc
are jointly and severally
liable for the entire

Peel will also benefit from the Shanghai 2010. Reported in the Daily Peel was the following

Liverpool’s presence at the World Expo is estimated to cost about £3m, of which half is expected to come from the public sector.
Liverpool council has committed £300,000 to the project, while the Northwest Development Agency agreed to hand over £1.25m.
Peel Holdings will be the lead private sector sponsor, and has pledged £100,000.

Robert Hough is a ex Executive of Peel Holdings he is now the new NWDA Chairman. I wrote to Gordon Brown and Louise Ellman MP complaining of this conflict of interests.
The biggest beneficiary to this Shanghai expo will be Peel Holdings and why do we have to subsidise them circumnavigating the port of Liverpool and shipping the traffic to their new port of Salford. And all they pay is 100K while they are raking it in.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Liverpool Cruises-into a Big Mess.

Further to last weeks post regarding the Cruise Liner Jetty Cock-Up that Liverpool Blame Southampton for.
Liverpool has allegedly been contacting all Ports asking for support, except Southampton who they then blame for blocking expanding its markets. Not in my name, this is a scurrilous way of working and quite rightly the city of Southampton have fought back with anger and vigour
THIS IS LIVERPOOL COUNCIL DEALING LIKE SHYSTERS IN MY OPINION AND NOT IN MY NAME. Re-inforcing anti-Liverpool Stereotypes of winging grant aided scousers is something that I thought we had got away from.
JUST PAY BACK THE MONEY. If the trade is that lucrative we dont need handouts.
Southampton take their ports seriously 73 comments on one article and 50 on another. The troublemaker Trinity "Smoking" Mirrors Group have certainly put the cat amongst the herrings now.
Nothing else in the Daily Ghost or Oldham Echo about this but this is a report in the Suthampton Echo.

Liverpool and Portsmouth team up to lure away Southampton's cruise trade
10:34am Wednesday 23rd September 2009

PRIVATE memos seen by the Daily Echo reveal Liverpool and Portsmouth ports have teamed up behind the scenes to lure away Southampton’s lucrative cruise business.
The letters between the bosses of the two rivals show how they are co-operating to try and seize a piece of the booming cruise trade.
Liverpool port bosses wrote to Portsmouth seeking their support for controversial plans to allow luxury liners that are currently only able to visit its docks to instead start using it as a base to start and end voyages, known as turnaround cruises.
In return they offered their backing for Portsmouth’s own dreams to grow its fledgling cruise operation.
Because it was built with £20m of taxpayers cash, the plans to alter the use of Liverpool’s cruise terminal at the city’s historic Pier Head – once a gateway for millions of transatlantic passengers, have infuriated Southampton port owners ABP, which has invested £41m in the cruise business here since 2004.
They accused Liverpool and Portsmouth of being “in cahoots to try and get one over Southampton” and of using taxpayers’ money to “distort the market”.
As previously reported by the Daily Echo, Southampton city bosses have also attacked the plans as an “abuse of state aid”.
An e-mail from Liverpool cruise manager Angie Redhead to her opposite number in Portsmouth discussing the change of use, said: “Considering your own aspirations to grow the turnaround business in Portsmouth, there is some operational similarity.
“Would you be prepared to put a few words via e-mail to confirm you as a southern UK port would not have any objection to our change of designation.
“Should it be helpful to Portsmouth in anyway, Liverpool Cruise Terminal would support and reciprocate in the future.”
Similar e-mails were sent to a number of UK ports but Southampton says it never received one.
Portsmouth bosses, who were the first UK port to respond, said: “I can confirm Portsmouth Commercial Port would not have any objection to the conversion of the Pier Head cruise facility status to accept turnaround cruise vessels.
“We support all UK cruise operators who sail from UK ports and strongly believe that their success leads on to our success with more opportunities for all UK ports by growing the market.”
Southampton port director Doug Morrison said: “It makes me laugh.
If you were contacting a cruise port on the south coast, would you go to Portsmouth? That shows you they are worried about competition.
“We are concerned that obviously Portsmouth and the likes are in cahoots with Liverpool to try and get one over on Southampton. It is not how we should be doing business.
“We have no argument with Liverpool City Council. We know how important the cruise business is and how it can be used to regenerate a city. But taxpayers’ money distorts the marketplace.
We have got no problem with competition and if they paid back the taxpayer we would have no qualms at all. But at the moment it is not a level playing field.”
Portsmouth port director Martin Putman said: “It is a very competitive market and everybody is in competition in some ways. We believe that attracting more cruise ships to the UK is good for all.
“I can understand Southampton’s position in terms of being a competition problem with Liverpool getting something for free. But it’s not unknown.”
He said Portsmouth benefited from Southampton dock’s success.
“More of our ships are turnarounds this year than we had visiting. We had 20 this year, so we are not exactly a huge competitor to Southampton. They are mostly smaller ships and I think of it as complimentary to Southampton because when there is no room on the cruise terminals they come over to Portsmouth. It’s good for the region.” Liverpool's bid to capture Southampton's cruise liner trade is slammed Daily Echo

You have to read these
Liverpool have got a cheek! Southampton Daily Echo

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Carpenter Investments Dont Deliver in Liverpool, Why will they on the Wirral?

What the bloody hell is this garbage piece of, well, could you really call it architecture.
Was the sketch done while drunk?
Does the designer need to stand up, or was he falling over when he did it?
Is it a joke?
We don't usually go on the Wirral but do accept that all the local editors and power people running Liverpool live there.
I have not seen the play "Brick up the Mersey Tunnels", yet but this is good reason to.

This is a very bad scheme that it looks like was inspired by the Terminal Ferry Carbncle, Son of Museum.
Controversial west Wirral hotel plan looks set to move forward
Sep 22 2009 by Liam Murphy, Liverpool Daily Post
COMPULSORY purchase powers could be used to press ahead with a controversial hotel scheme in west Wirral. The reporting by Liam Murphy says A leaked report to the authority’s cabinet, which meets later this week, recommends the council press ahead with the Sail project, on the banks of West Kirby’s marine lake.
The report – obtained by the Daily Post – details the conditions under which Wirral council officers recommend the scheme should proceed.

October Communications are Alan Beers preferred PR company, how convenient that Larry "The Lamb" Neild works for them and a report is miraculously "obtained" by the Daily Ghost. Is this Trinity "Smoking" Mirrors. Jon Egan the Director of October Communications also masterminded Ben Chapmans, the disgraced Wirral MPs Election campaign.

This is the way the property development companies owned by or run by Alan Beer of Carpenter Investments treats the people of Liverpool. They close a road and later put railings across it. Not once but four times. What a absolute cheek, the Police and the Council Highways had to warn them that action would be taken if they did so again. Total Contempt!
This is Kings Dock Street the old site of AJ Beers and now Eco Warm and a Car Park run by Simon Beer.
This was going to be the site of a huge development alongside Windsor Developments pie in the sky schemes. Windsor Developments whose director was struck off the accountants register for fraud, something that he denied, who were in bed with Clever Trevor Jones developing the site of the last ships chandlers in Liverpool that is now a hole in the ground eyesore.
What a disgrace.

Anyhow this may be proof that instead of doing us with more carbuncles the property developers are now destroying the Wirral and turning on themselves.
Quick, does anyone know any good Bricklayers.
Todays Daily Ghost writes

Museum of Liverpool Contractors Galliford Try Fined for Bid Rigging.

Office of Fair Trading fines construction sector £129m for bid-rigging.
Numerous firms that were working and pricing jobs in Liverpool.
Many of those jobs were from the Objective One European slosh fund.

Ever wondered how much a project costed and thought you could build 5 of them for that price?
Ever thought how it cost 20 million for a concrete Cruise Liner tie up? Or thought, what, 10 million pounds for a ticket desk for a terminal Ferry Carbuncle? Or thought, How much, to build a museum shouldn't that be about half the cost?. I know I have......many times.
I wrote to Colin "Cover Up" Hilton complaining of the amount it was costing to build, what is after all a ticket desk and guess what he was not interested. Considering Mike Storey and Warren Bradley picked him for the job, thats hardly suprising.

So, just how Many Public Projects in the Liverpool binge build years have been overpriced, if any, could we have been fleeced by the cartel of builders bidding for the work? Well it seems there are quite a few questions that need asking. The OFT have fined a load of builders for the illegal practice.
The Contractors of the Carbuncle Museum in the Pier Head have been singled out for Frigging in the Rigging with public financed contracts.
Try Accord Limited (Try Accord) and Galliford Try
Construction Limited (Galliford Construction)
together with their ultimate parent company
Galliford Try plc (Galliford Try)
Try Accord and Galliford
Galliford Construction and
Galliford Try:

See their Liverpool Contracts from their website:
Isn't that a Disgrace. Shouldnt an inquiry be carried out?
Ever wondered why the Oldham Echo and the Daily Ghost, Does not do any work to explore these sort of topics. Are they just lazy, overworked or just oblivious to anything that is going on around them?
Or do they just wait for a call off the Council or the Museums, or Peel Holdings and then print PR plod day in day out.
Trinity "Smoking " Mirrors.

Is Warren Bradley Really that Thick?

Liverpool’s International Garden Festival site to re-open in 2010
Sep 22 2009 by Laura Sharpe, Liverpool Daily Post

MORE than 10 years after it closed its doors, work will finally start on restoring the Liverpool International Garden Festival site.
Work will start in November to restore the formal gardens after the city council gave developers the go-ahead.
It means the gardens should be open late next year.
The North West Regional Development Agency (NWDA) have offered a £2.1m grant to developers Langtree for the restoration work, and a separate contribution of £1.6m from the Northwest European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) is also currently being considered.
In order to accept the grant changes, a development agreement was drawn up between the council and Langtree, which included deferring a dowry, to cover maintenance costs from Langtree, for five years.
Council leader Cllr Warren Bradley, said: ”The gardens should be something the city is proud of and a real asset to the community.” Is he thick, is he really that barefaced? Its the Fib Dems who have allowed it to be destroyed.

An asset to the community when you have allowed the Velodrome to be destroyed from inside so that the developers have more space for flats, Mr Bradley.
Can we really put up with any more of this Council PR trash from a disgraceful regime that has been puppeteer-ed by Clever Trevor Jones who mentored Mike Storey who in turn, in my opinion tells Warren Bradley what to do.
Warren Bradleys fireman watch is Toxteth so Tommy Hickey the fire bobby knows the area well as does the "Dame of Dereliction" Louise Ellman what has she been doing all these years? The BBC have reported several times. see this link
Councillor Warren Bradley, leader of Liverpool City Council, said work was still expected to start in the summer. "Langtree are absolutely committed to starting on the public park as the first phase," said Mr Bradley. What happened there?
Why do Langtree get a grant to assist them in developing the site into houses and flats that have got the residents up in arms about? In the same BBC article Quote; Mrs Davies said: "It's unbelievable. Really you could cry when you see what's happened and how it's been vandalised as well.
"The fact the garden became derelict was sad in itself.
"The saddest thing is that the plaque commemorating the fact the Japanese dedicated it to the city of Liverpool and its citizens in perpetuity is still there. Then Bradley attacks the NWDA saying The amount of money wasted on bureaucracy and through having tiers of governance is phenomenal.
“We are told that we have got to slash public spending. One way to do that is for the RDAs to go and to deliver this funding directly to local authorities.” God help us if the Fib Dem spivs get the cash. In my opinion you are a complete and utter clown Mr Bradley, this is not joined up thinking, too many late night shifts.
Further reading;
This International Garden Site was to be the turning point after the Toxteth Riots and for a short while it was an example. This site including the vandalised Velodrome should have been restored for 2008 as part of European Capital of Culture, and left for the community instead of this clowning about.

Monday, 21 September 2009

Cruise Control-Naval Warfare Breaks Out

This is the original entrance in to Princes Dock. Abandoned and left to rot.
What a disgrace. This dock could have been used to facilitate our growing maritime industry. Instead the jerks filled it in and made it redundant. How were they allowed to get away with this in the world heritage site.
This dock is 50 yards inland from the new Cruise Liner facility, that is now causing such controversy. The Council blaming Southampton for the mess.
They have left a channel for the freshwater barges of which only 6 a day are allowed through. £12,000,000 for six barges a day, hardly worth it, methinks.
£20,000,000 It cost to build a Cruise Liner Facility and they have no customs or baggage handling at the new floating structure. The pontoon for the Mersey Ferry is still a temporary one.
Cock up after Cock up what a Maritime Disaster the City Council are creating.
I posted on Friday about Liverpool blaming Southampton for blocking the plans to turn the Liverpool Naval jetty, that is landlocked in land owned by Peel Holdings into a Customs facility. Meanwhile, another cruise ship comes and goes without one of its passengers spending a penny in my shop. Where do they get these figures from telling us how much each ship adds to the economy. I was contacted by the Southampton Echo who are not owned by Trinity "Smoking" Mirrors Group.
It was apparent that the good people of Southampton knew nothing of the city being blamed for the idiots who run the council not thinking ahead.
However, by coincidence, today Nick Clegg says all councils will be run like Liverpool. God 'elp us. if they get in.
I am emigrating on the first cruise out how scary is that.

So now the news is out and the trading of insults starts, started off by the Daily Post acting as troublemakers and council agents. So now left with no option Southampton retaliate. And the troublemakers at Trinity Mirror have got a kick off.
10 minute man says
I wouldn't park my cruise ship there over night. The next morning it would be up on bricks with the wooden decking stripped off and sold for firewood.It seems that some cities' key skill is sucking money out of the public purse for continuous redevelopment.
Brite Spark Stubbington says
Cruise ship passengers would get fleeced in Liverpool by greedy taxi drivers, on a bad day they might get mugged or forced to go to the Beatles Museum. Southampton is the countries historical cruise liner capital, and the ships belong here.
This sort of garbage is also reciprocated on the Daily Post website with other divvies writing in.
slumdog wrote: Friday last.
We should raise an army amongst the peasants, march on Southampton and sack it! In the meantime we should refer to Southampton as 'Sourhamtin' in order to add to the foment.

Would it not have been common sense to have levelled all these problems out years ago instead of passing the buck?

Friday, 18 September 2009

Liverpool Cruise Liner Cock Up-Blame Southampton

This is the lawful abandonment of an original structure used in our Mercantile and Maritime history, exactly next to the new Council Cruise Liner Cock Up Terminal that isn't a Terminal its a jetty because you cant embark there.

After 20 million pounds of European money was spent on the new Naval jetty it is still landlocked within land that Peel Holdings own. And they own the only customs facility, who made this one up.

The City Council are now trying to blame Southampton and Larry Bartlett who wasn't even born to witness most of the political shenanigans surrounding the cock up, is letting it run. How amazing it was only a few months ago that the Oldham Echo was waving flags and shouting the hurrahs to its opening. Telling us how wonderful it was, and how we are now, an international power again.
And now the penny has dropped, and its in the wrong place, and its all Southampton's fault for not letting us use the Terminal Ferry Carbuncle that cost 12 million of European slosh money....... for what is effectively a four storey desk to buy tickets for a ferry.
Its every time here one step forward and one back. A Lack of joined up thinking.

Meanwhile Chris Graying has said the NWDA who dish out European funding are "barking." This is something we have all known in Liverpool, and now the chairman of the NWDA is a ex executive of Peel Holdings who own the only customs facility in Langton dock.
What a Cock up, but hey lets do the council a PR job and lets blame Southampton.

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

A Giant TV Screen in the World Heritage Site.

Well its Laura Davis turn today, the baton keeps getting passed around, all the Ghost staff are taking turns to promote Liverpool Museums on behalf of the managing editor.
Pic showing this years National Carbuncle Cup winner the Terminal Ferry Building, designed to be Son of Museum, and next years potential winner of the Carbuncle Cup. The architects of the Terminal Ferry Building, said it was meant to match, they had designed it that way. Liverpool's World Heritage Site destroyed.

We have always said that the new museum looks like a giant TV screen.......not meant as a compliment....and blimey they go and make it into one. This time its for a film, On the Waterfront, starring Marlon Brando, The powerful story of trade unionism, corruption and racketeering....wait a minute it sounds like how they got the plans passed.

This Fib-Dem Council Press Release from the Daily Ghost acting as agents for the Daily Museum and Liverpool Council is meant to throw the limelight off the TUC conference which is opening at the "Echo Arena" isn't that strange a Trade Union conference in a building with the name of the Echo outside.
Trinty Mirror who own the Echo have just laid off thousands, and sent its printing press out of the city to Oldham, just leaving a bunch of pen pushers to promote the council. It does not seem quite right, somehow it looks double standards. Larry "The Lamb" Neild was the Union Rep he jumped ship, and he is now working for a terrible PR company October Communications who were employed to promote the Pier Head Decimation by NML and the NWDA and Liverpool Vision. How times change.
Son of Larry, David Bartlett the new Milky Bar Kid on the block, appears to be carrying on the molar chomping tradition. Even giving Clever Trevor Jones a tumultuous send off. It seems he too will do anything to get in Reximillions good books.
The Birmingham Post has just gone weekly which is also owned by Trinity "Smoking" Mirrors Group. It must be difficult times at the Oldham Hall Street Offices.
But maybe if they worked harder and stopped printing such parochial dross more people would buy the paper. The World Heritage Site has been destroyed while they look the other way.
Well overpriced at 60 pence, at present, the only thing its good for is chips, that is, unless you are a PR company feeding them, that is.

Monday, 14 September 2009

A Dodo goes on Display at Liverpools World Museum

Written by the Daily Ghosts very own Dodo, I said Dodo, Alan Weston. Who is now charged with promoting the Daily Museum, and according to him. A big bird skeleton goes on view. So has David Fuzzy Felt Fleming, who once described most museum curators as dysfunctional characters, been stuffed. Unfortunately, it appears not. There is a distinct likeness to the big bird, with a similar beak, but I can confirm its not Liverpool's museum marauder. Flemo, who is off shortly on a freebie with Richard Benjamin for a cruise on the QMII.
Telling the world how we in Liverpool are all sons of slavers to further his own career.
And of course the first thing he will do, unlike the poor Dodo which was once hunted by idiot museum directors, which is the reason its extinct, is fly away when he has done the damage, when he has finished robbing Peter to pay Paul with museum funds. We have at Liverpool, but a skeleton of the Institution we once held dear. Flemo Quote, from the Museum Insider " Having been occupied by two of the most destructive totalitarian regimes in recent history. The Museum of Genocide Victims in Vilnius is brilliant". Just how can you say a museum of genocide is brilliant. Maybe he can relate to a tin pot dictator running roughshod over the people who he rules.
Despite an expensive study being carried out to tell him what any kid with a calculator could have worked out, that it would cost 1.2 million to move one museum storage facility and the land that it was on,was worth errr, 1.2 million. But he just had to spend £30,000 of our money to have that confirmed. to try to raise more funds for the White Elephant-on-Sea now being constructed slap bang on the world heritage site.
Hey, but he is right on, spending another small fortune on a race relations advisor, he has now come up with lists of words that cant be used in the museum.
As if his staff, are not responsible people, he has gone bonkers and banned a list of terms and words that cant be muttered in the hallowed museum turf. He has to be out of control, all the staff must have an opinion, well those that he has not cut, and apart from the loyal servants like Julie Ealing who he poached from the Bluecoat, another destroyed institution, where he is on the board.
But the biggest museum legacy will of course be our very own big White Dodo on the Waterfront. X marks the spot alright. An Ugly Big Bird from Denmark that will never look any different, despite the PR machine trying to tell us 'we will like it one day' and 'its like an ugly duckling', what a joke, more like a bat out of hell. So what will they say about it, well if its still there in 30 years time. If it has not fallen apart, or its not under water after they ignored all the flood risks.
Squat and fat and ugly just like the Dodo, always out of place in a waterfront of, what once was beauty, that is now disfigured by carbuncles, the land at Mann Island was hunted down by wicked developers, as a token of its binge build for the sake of it era, its design a throwback to the 60s, its design evolution a Oscar Nemeyer rip off, was already extinct and 40 years out of date before it was finished.
Some Dodo does,need shooting and stuffing for this mess and it is very Fuzzy indeed.

Friday, 11 September 2009

A City Transformed-They Speak With Forked Tongue

This is the middle pages of City The magazine for Liverpool. It goes out free to 220,000 homes and if you read it everything is, wonderfully, gloriously, rose tintedly, spectacularly brilliantly, ace. Or so they tell us. They don't mention once the 90 million shortfall on the budget. Basically its part of the council propaganda machine that we pay for through our rates to tell us how well the Spivs running the place are doing. The sort of propaganda that Goebbels would have been proud of in the Second world war, Yes Ve are stuffing the gubbings out of Liverpool, destroying its Pier Head, its heritage, its character, it vill never recover, it is great for our people.
What takes the hamburger is the picture of Quote (sorry about the pic, click on to enlarge)
"The Iconic Liver Building Stands proud-as all around it a new 21st century Liverpool takes shape.
And the picture is taken from the roof of the new Terminal Ferry Building, that won the Building Design National Carbuncle Cup for crimes against architecture.

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Councillor Steve Hurst Steps Down-Good Riddance

You know you don't get any Shysters stepping down in Liverpool for ages and then you get two in a week, that's the Fib-Dems for you.
It is a sad reflection of the local political scene that this despicable no-mark was allowed to rise so highly by the elder statesmen of the party. Well what do you expect with Trevor Jones and Mike Storey running the place with strings attached to Warren Bradley like puppeteers moving his arms and legs.
Th absolute outrage that has seen off this fellow Fire Bobby of Warren Bradley, who supported him is there to be seen. Even the local press were against him. Doreen Jones supported him saying politics is a dirty business...yes I saw it happen at the planning committee where Hurst was often Vice Chairman when Doreen Jones stepped down as chair because of her many conflicts of interest. We now have to live with their disgraceful rubber stamping of inappropriate carbuncles for the world heritage site.
Mike Storey said he would trust him with his life.
Hurst is finally Burst.....Good Riddance.
Further Reading.
See the Professors humorous but possibly accurate take on the matter.

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Sir Trevor Jones Steps Down-Good Riddance

So what has he been doing for the last decade anyhow

He entered politics again just as Liverpool City Council were preparing to gift Grosvenor a third of the city centre. It is alleged he lives on the Duke of Westminster's Estate.
I wrote a piece up for Private Eye about his destruction of the last ships chandlers as an application to list it was recieved by the city council, they knocked it down over the weekend, which was published April 04. Someone had graffitied the Superlambana outside Lamb & Sons. 'Trevor Destroys what the Luftwaffe couldn't'. It said in bold spray can. Then the week after again, 'Trevor and Doreen Partners in strange is that. Even more strange was the resulting lack of reportage in the local press, it was as if there was a stand off, as if they were scared of him. I was talking of it when a guy butted in and said to me I would like to speak with the person who wrote that article".
"I bet you would"I said "And who are you"
"He sued me" he said and a long and very interesting conversation took place, where so many material facts like who his solicitor was and the likes came to fruition. Lets just say he is one of the Liverpool prominent characters and I am not makin' it up.
Shortly after I wrote To Doreen Jones asking about her and her husbands business dealings in and around the Baltic Triangle as the article in the New Statesman had painted a picture of him having vast business interests in the vicinity of huge developments by Windsor Developments who were developing the land around the listed Baltic Fleet Pub. (Of Course she stepped down as chair when discussed by the planning committee made up of David Irving and the criminal Steve Hurst who was on the council executive board, and others). She subsequently telephoned me, and threatened to sue me, I still have a transcript of the conversation. She was very jittery about it all. "Anything that blackens our good name" she said sternly. I could hear another phone clicking it was like a sketch from a Tinker, Tailor, Spy episode. I remember thinking what good name is that I only know two people with a good word for you and one of them is Mike Storey who you mentored into his position as council leader. Even one of the local clergy called Clever a Shyster such is the ill feeling against them.
October Communications were the PR company for Windsor Developments who now employ Larry Neild who I once called Larry "The Lamb" Neild, chomping away on his molars letting it all happen and I did fall out with him after he did a article entitled "The first 2 million pound apartment is on its way to Exchange flags....I accused him of driving up prices. Its still empty, what PR pratt gave him that one when Bill Davies owned the place.
Todays article in the Ghost.
I had great hopes for David Bartlett when he joined the paper, who recently wrote so lyrically of how he admired and respected Larry the Lamb. This was over the Tesco on Hope Street when October Communications, whose clients, are Liverpool Vision and the head of Tesco is the head of Liverpool Vision. I am afraid David has now been institutionalised by the Daily Ghost and speaks in riddles around subjects that no-one can understand.
Speak because your lips are free Mr Bartlett isn't that what you joined the profession for.
If Correspondent can do it why cant you. You are aware of all the facts around the reportage. Dont you get paid to report.
Dave, why not tell it as it is, the facts, why speak in riddles......or is it Larry Bartlett we are reading these days.

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Tescopool, Is there Hope in Liverpools New Found People Power.?

Well after all the congratulations in sending Tesco packing from Hope Street and all those supporters of the face book campaign against the proposals to Tescopolise Hope Street you have to ask the question,
'Where, were they all when the world heritage site was being destroyed with carbuncle on carbuncle on the Pier Head'.

Whats more, where were they all while someone dumped these unholy anachronisms on the pavement just down the same road, in between the two cathedrals on Hope Street. I first came across them when I nearly bumped into one whilst walking past the carriage-works, nervously on the way to the not so glorious bail hostel, outside which, I had parked my car. You have to say they are crass satues, and why do the heads stick out like lolly-pops. Is Liverpool turning into The European Capital of Bad Sculpture.
Just what do-gooder person with a white stick commissioned these bronze nightmares by Broadbent who studied with Arthur Dooley.....who also produced some rubbish but in the mix of his legacy is some real emotive sculpture. It did not rub off to the apprentice. If I recall they may have been sponsered by the Echo who someone once said "The only culture in that paper was the free Curry Pasty from Greggs they were giving away the other week". Cant remember who said that! but anyhow.
Oh and the so-called culture correspondent Catherine Jones, was a driving force in pushing these carbuncles into Hope Street. Catherine you should be ashamed. But what do you expect with Alastair Machray as editor of the Oldham Echo.
I have only ever sold one Broadbent piece and this is an example of why. He lacks depth of emotion in his work, in my opinion, these are prime examples of ill thought out casting. Did a planning application go in for these godawful totem poles on the pavement right next to Hahnermann house that Berni Turner says she had listed. (Three Cheers for, over, over, exaggeration by Turner). So why was there no campaign over these eyesores. You know, its one step forward and one back in Liverpool and the problem lies here with uneducated Quangi who propose sculpture as public art in this city. That are really lacking in the requisite taste and culture to sanction pavement art. The results show us up as a uncultured city post 2008. Those do-gooders need to stop and appoint people who know what they are talking about.
I recently showed a, really, cultured client from Chicago around Hope Street who just burst out laughing at these pavement cloggers. "What the"...he said I had no explanation.
So on the basis of all these new armchair conservationists, empowered by facebook, isn't it time to reclaim the streets......from the local residents of Hope Street and the ill informed press, let loose in what is now classed as our cultural quarter. Those decision makers, with with bad taste.
Yes it was right to send Tesco packing but on the subject of Liverpool being the European Capital of Bad Sculpture............Every Little Hurts.

And you have to ask......Just what has Morecambe and Wise got to do with Liverpool anyhow.

Monday, 7 September 2009

Tescopool-Power to the People

I did not think that Tesco would back off but it appears they have abandoned plans for Hope Street.
I have been away for a couple of days and while I am catching up I will place Correspondents article ahead of me as it makes good reading and sheds valuable light on the way the PR machine works in Liverpool

Click on the links below for more.

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Liverpool World Heritage City, Carbuncles-R-Us

The award, or shall we say disgrace of having the Carbuncle Cup award for Liverpool's Terminally ill Ferry Building has left a few with red faces, and others such as the council leader who recently said Prince Charles told him, yes told him, that he thought Liverpool's regeneration was brilliant. It was Prince Charles who first termed the phrase Carbuncle into common currency to describe a architecturally disgraceful new construction.
I think Warren Bradley is making it up when he says Cllr Bradley also revealed that he had recently spoken to Prince Charles about the changes to the city’s urban environment, saying: “Prince Charles thinks we’ve done a wonderful job. what of the other recent Carbuncles. The Unity Building that started all the blights on Liverpool's Iconic Skyline.

One Park Worst on Chavasse Park came 5th in the same Carbuncle Cup competition despite a desperate rear guard action by Grosvenor.

Milton Keynes-On-Sea on Princes Dock.

The Carbuncles that Liverpool's planners and the Spivs running the place thought they could get away with are now here to haunt us forever. Here is a Car-Park in the shadows of the Liver Buildings. Why do this with your best asset.