Wednesday, 18 August 2021

Liverpool City Council Culture and Visitor Economy, Select Committee Meeting Video.

 No wonder we lost World Heritage Site Status with a bunch of Cretins at the Council.

Just watch this Circus. It may be painful. It shows the level that we have sunk to.  

Try to watch it. Its like a playground debate. THESE ARE THE CHILDREN NOW RUNNING OUR CITY. 

Some say the only culture in Liverpool City Council offices is in Harry Doyle's yogurt in the fridge on the fifth floor of Cunard Buildings. And here is the evidence.

Harry Doyle talks about his survey about losing world heritage. He did a survey asking 222 people what they think, and he puts his views forward as scientific. 

World Heritage is not about money its about prestige. Its not about Hen parties.

Yes when they think that world heritage WAS only a plaque on the wall at the town hall it shows the level that this city has become. It cant get much lower.

The PR mantra seems to be to play the victim that Unesco were our enemies.

Sometimes those we think of as our enemies are our best friends in disguise. They tell us the truth/


One Councillor trying to gloss over the wide gaping crack of not having World Heritage site status says its alright...we are still a UNESCO City of Music.

The only voice of reason was Councillor Maria Toolan.


How much we will regret losing World Heritage Site Status.




Wednesday, 11 August 2021

Councillor Sarah Doyle-Liverpool City Council LIAR.

If there is one thing worse than a thief its a liar. 

A LIAR will steal and then lie through their teeth about what they have done.

A corrupt Liverpool City Council stole the World Heritage Site status from the people of Liverpool and then LIED through their teeth about it.

Sent out to do the deed, was Councillor Sarah Doyle. She peddled such a bunch of lies that we are appalled by the lack of dignity and barefaced cheek.

"UNESCO have not visited the city for 10 years"

And so on, and so on.

Doyle was 9 years of age when this website was set up.

She is a trade unionist …....from Birmingham.

So she has got a mouth on her. Look at the trouble she has already caused.



Why has she picked, if it was her, a bunch of kids who know nothing to run her cabinet.

Anderson by name, Anderson by nature

Liverpool lost its world heritage site status because of corruption.

Liverpool are not the victims here.

Joe Back'Anderson and his relationship with Peel Holdings lost it.

Peel wanted it lost so they can do what they want with the site.

Now they can build as high as they like and destroy the heritage that we were so proud of.

What was Steve Rotheram doing? Nothing turning his blind eye.

Why can Peel get away with this? 

When the city is being run by Commissioners went in by Robert Jenrick.......who did not call in the Bramley Moore Dock Stadium plans.

You have been mugged by the people you voted in.

Liverpool was a European City of Culture 2008. By 2021 it destroys its culture.


Where are the questions for Peel Holdings by the press? Or are they bought?

Wednesday, 21 July 2021

Liverpool Stripped of World Heritage Site Status by UNESCO.

A very sad day for Liverpool After years of warnings Liverpool is stripped of its coveted World Heritage Site Status by UNESCO after building too many carbuncles. Who will be held responsible.
Will it be the ex Mayor Joe back'Anderson of the Metro Mayor Steve Rotherham who turned a blind eye. Or is it those at Peel Holdings who paid the piper and who called the tunes. Or will it be Nick Kavanagh the head of regeneration who was arrested on corruption charges along with Joe Anderson and is awaiting charge.


Tuesday, 20 July 2021

Michael Hesseltine-Peels Poodle. Why Is He Promoting The Loss Of World Heritage. While Pretending To Want To Save It?

Tarzan...swings in and save the day for Liverpool directly after the 1981 Toxteth Riots.

He brings with him a team of developers and architects.

The Albert Dock is recognised as Liverpool's fulcrum of regeneration. The starting point of the long hall back to being on centre stage for this great city.

To negate the Labour Party Hessletine teamed up with Sir Trevor Jones, the one who started all the  corruption and as bad as Liverpool has had. He became Mayor and leader of the Liberal Democrats while living on the Duke of Westminster's Estate.

He once demolished the last ships chandlers while a listing application was being considered by English Heritage. His wife Doreen was chair of the planning committee. Who passed by casting vote The Black Coffins of Mann Island. Only on Murkeyside.

Then the gamekeeper turns poacher and after becoming Minister for Merseyside and becoming mates with Joe Anderson and adds to the corrupt regime by promoting bad development on behalf of Peel Holdings.

Hezza lives on a massive estate and has been building a legacy for future generations...his garden.

While the idiot has been assisting in the destruction of Liverpool's World Heritage Site while giving the impression he cares.

He was recent signatory to a letter sent to Unesco pleading with them not to delete Liverpool from the World Heritage register.

Not in his back yard but its all right in mine. Shame on you Micheal, Shame.

Monday, 19 July 2021

Tony Snell-Radio Merseyside's Very Own Peel's Poodle.

 The BBC should be impartial but the snide attitude of 'Snelly' leaves more than a little to be desired. He has taken over from Roger Philips who started off well and then just bored everyone and himself off the air.

Now, we are not asking our local radio to have the Brains of Britain working for them, but really, can this be the intelligence that the BBC puts forward to entertain the public.

Have a listen to a "Debate" about the loss of world heritage site status. If you have to!!!!

The term debate is used loosely. 

Not a mention of Liverpool Corruption and Joe Back'Andersons arrest.

"Tell Unesco to stick it" he says. He is part of the problem. The ex brickie is of is one short of a course.

It makes you wonder if he is a “supporter” of Peel Holdings and its desecration of the world heritage site.

It makes you wonder if he is more than that?

Is he on the payroll, or maybe sitting too close to Frank McKenna of Downtown Liverpool In Business, who was once up on a Police charge?

We think he has people phoning in, or allows certain people on air. At one point a lady says "As you know, I am not from Liverpool". 

Makes you wonder.

Certainly the diatribe that spills from his mouth is not going checked by his superiors on BBC Radio Merseyside.

And it should be. 

He has a sidekick by the name of Claire Hamilton who seems to have a bit more upstairs but she just follows what he says.

Peel Holdings own Media City in Salford and as such are the Landlords of the BBC. 

Yet they are never questioned, never interviewed!

It makes you think are Peels PR plants running his show?

It may be that a FOI request should be made to clarify who Snell is paid by. 

Just who he is representing?

Maybe a complaint to The Director General of the BBC
would be more appropriate.

And why he spews such visceral vile while working for a public service broadcaster.

He even pulls out the old BBC lie about Controversy when they built the Liver Buildings.

Mr Snell, who has nicknamed himself, Snelly, you are a disgrace.

Maybe Smelly would be more appropriate because something really stinks here.

No wonder we are in such a bad state with bad architecture and corruption when the public are being brainwashed by Radio Murkeyside.

Sunday, 4 July 2021

Is Steve Rotheram. Liverpool City Region Metro Mayor-The Man That Loses Liverpool World Heritage Site Status.

 Its a straight forward idea. Lets get rid of World Heritage Site Status for Peel Holdings.

You build a stadium in the World Heritage Site that, if built, UNESCO say, would be against the spirit of World Heritage. World Heritage is a principle to be upheld for future generations. 

If you destroy a World Heritage sites Overall Universal value this would lose the world heritage site status.

 Yet the Liverpool City Region Metro Mayor Steve Rotheram supports its removal. 

Whilst crying crocodile tears! 

What have we been telling you for over a decade. 

Now he plays the victim.

Labour are a rancid organisation in Liverpool and Mr Rotheram is of course the highest Labour official in the land. Resigning his Westminister seat to take up the prestigious post. 

Yet despite representing the people of the Liverpool Region he decides to take it upon himself to support Peel holdings.

Not very clever Mr Rotheram. In fact really stupid. 

The title of World Heritage puts Liverpool up there with The Taj Mahal and The Pyramids. 

While he laying bricks as an apprentice bricklayer Rotheram obviously did not become any sort of architectural expert. His office is in one of the infamous Black Coffins at The Pier Head.

Peel Holdings who are the landlords of the BBC at Media City Salford want the World Heritage site status removed so they can do what they want. They have various lobbyists in Liverpool.

John Whittaker never does an interview and the BBC dont push him for one.  Read his profile here.

It is alleged that Mayor Joe Anderson was up to all sorts. Right in front of Mr Metro Mayor Rotherams blind eye.

Rotheram's majority was greatly reduced at the last Mayoral election. Does that not tell him something.

Now he hails how disappointed he is that Liverpool is to be stripped of World Heritage Site Status. 

Yet he is one of the people who had the power to stop it. Just who does his PR.

Shame on you Mr Rotheram. Its not your title of World Heritage City to sell down the river!

Monday, 21 June 2021

Is Liverpools World Heritage World Heritage Site Status To Be Removed.

It is 15 years that we at LPT have been fighting to save Liverpool from corrupt politicians and dodgy journalists. Here are some of the highlights.

There are more.

Its not just us that think that World Heritage is at risk.