Monday, 10 August 2015

Lime Street Architectural Abortion. Paul Jones Liverpool City Planner You Should Be Ashamed Of Yourself.


These planners are out of control. Paul Jones is responsible for the city centre lets hope he can sleep at night.

OUR OBJECTION LETTER submitted late because of technical problems on the council planning explorer.

We have tried o leave these on planning explorer and the councils own system will not allow me to do so.
This has taken out our right as citizens to be heard which is why I need them communicated to the committee.

We wish to object firstly on the proposals being in the centre of two fine listed buildings The Grapes and The Vines.
There must be a facade retention of the Futurist cinema as demolition would alter the cityscape significantlty. There is ample technology to save this facade.
The developers have owned the building for years and have let the back of it fall down.

Liverpools City Councils Supplementary Development Plan page 118 Section 6.6.12
Lime Street is Character area 5; The William Brown Cultural Quarter.
This includes Lime Street station.
 The guidance contained within the SPD says the restoration where possible and redevelopment should follow guidance in section 4 and should be of high architectural quality and where relevent present a frontage towards The World Heritage character area 5.
These plans do not do this in any way.
These plans if passed will alter the visual character and the impact they have on surviving historic buildings which are listed.

The Liverpool City Planning department have not followed their own guidelines contained within the SPD on this occasion.

It is important that the city's own prepared SPD which was ratfied in October 2009 be adhered to.
Unesco have placed a moratorium on development in the World Heritage Site.
It would not be sensible to allow these proposals of little architectural merit to be built.
This would not be taken lightly by Unesco who will be informed should they be passed.
These plans are of no character whatsoever and should be rejected.

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