Friday, 7 August 2015


This would be bad enough but this now extinct listed building is right opposite the entrance to the Municipal Buildings (council offices) on Dale Street where many of the people reading this post may go to pay their rates.
Which is also the offices of Mayor Uncle Joe "Stalin," the biggest threat to Liverpool's Heritage since Herman Goring sent the Luftwaffe to bomb the history out of us in 1941. Owned by the city council for decades it was listed in 2008.
 This building is on the corner of Cheapside and Dale street and will come under the auspice of the second biggest threat to Liverpool's Heritage, ROB BURNS from the Liverpool Planning boiler room, that has no respect for history.
In the world heritage site, that is on Unesco's World Heritage In Danger list.
Cheapside was subject to a recent planning application by the developer for a hotel..........after he had built it. And it was passed by the planning committee, no doubt with a nod from Anderson.
This demolished building was sold to a sticky developer called Jamworks Ltd for a quid.
They promised to develop it.
No doubt the Jammy Dodgers are one of Andersons "prefered developers" just like the convicted fraudster who they sold St Andrews Grade I listed church on Rodney Street to and is now half finished after the developer went bust.
 Remember Anderson tried to sell St Lukes Church, a monument to the Blitz, for a quid until he got what for.

Yes folks Its Liverpool City Council Big Listed Building Sell Off, roll up, roll up, and get your listed building for a quid.

If you take two listed buildings off Joe Andersons hands, they could do you a deal for £1.50.  Scouse Poundland get your listed buildings for a quid.


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  1. Hope this fat oaf gets his marching orders in 2016.