Thursday, 3 March 2011

Liverpool Waters-Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dock.

Henry Owen-John, English Heretic, well known to these pages is at it again, playing around with Liverpool's Heritage. My opinion is he is now going through the motions on Liverpool waters.

Peel Holdings, it is said, is facing increasing pressure from English Heritage to make further changes to its plans for the £5.5billion Liverpool Waters regeneration scheme.
Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dock, playing the game to pretend he is doing his job, but behind closed doors?

Henry Owen-John, English Heretic

pic Lancashire Economic Partnership
In the realms of the destruction of Liverpool’s Architectural History one name stands out above all others,that of Herman Goering.
He and the Luftwaffe saw to it that during the blitz we lost so many architectural masterpieces that they could never be replaced.
We were once The Athens of the North .
The Customs house by John Foster Jr seems to spring to mind when thinking in a solemn mood. Bombed and then knocked down to give work to people after the war. They didn't think to rebuild it to dole out work!!!
Add another name that of HENRY OWEN-JOHN.

This is what the Architect Journal recently reported. It may be paywalled so I have printed it.

In December last year the developer submitted plans, overseen by Chapman Taylor, to construct a series of skyscrapers in the city’s northern docklands, claiming the scheme would create more than 25,000 jobs and boast more than 14,000 apartments.
But Henry Owen-John, regional head of English Heritage (EH), said Peel had a ‘significant’ way to go to prove scheme would not damage the city’s World Heritage Site and warned that EH would fight the development if further concessions were not made.
Peel’s plans are already being considered by Liverpool City Council, and the company’s director of investment, Lindsey Ashworth, said last year that they were not prepared to make any more changes after already making substantial reductions to the size of the development.
Should EH lodge an objection and planning permission is granted, it is likely the scheme would be referred to Communities Secretary Eric Pickles.
Owen-John said English Heritage has commissioned an independent report into the potential impact of the scheme, and revealed that advisers from Unesco, which oversees World Heritage Sites, were also preparing a report on the project after being contacted by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport.
In an exclusive interview with the Liverpool Daily Post, Owen-John said: ‘We fully support the principle of developing the area. Clearly it is a brownfield site at the moment which is inaccessible and there is real opportunity that could have enormous benefit for Liverpool widely and north Liverpool particularly.
‘I think we have come a long way in three years and we are appreciative of the changes that Peel have made. The scheme is now very significantly different, there were many more tall buildings.
‘The adjustments that have been made are clearly significant from Peel’s point. We feel, despite that, we are not quite there in being able to reach agreement with Peel.’

HE IS ABOUT TO SELL OUT AND CAVE IN. Weak will is his forte.
Hi ex buddy the disgusting ex historic building advisor Peter de Figueiredo is advising Peel.
There should be laws against this.

Listen to him, on the washed up Roger Philips BBC Radio Merseyside programme yesterday. He comes on about 35 minutes in and goes through the same old shit again, about, when they built the Liver Buildings there was controversy and Philips, who is waiting for his retirement, trying to be Devils Advocate, but now well and truly part of the establishment goes with him.

Though I previously said they at English Heretics were against the scheme it is now clear Chief English Heretic, Owen John is now caving in, well he was never against it really, just appearing to be, and my prediction is will come to an arrangement with Peel and his mate, the opinion for hire, Peter de Figueiredo.

What is John Hinchliffe doing, as usual, nothing, his wages funded by the English Heretics.
What are the Victorian Society doing, what are the upper class twits at SAVE Britains Heritage doing.................Sod All.