Friday, 11 March 2011

Liverpools Regeneration Game- Littlewoods Edge Lane.

I made an application this list this Art Deco Building nearly a decade ago, I did my best to draw attentionm to its merits. It was saved from demolition.
 It now lies rotting.
Dis-Owned by the North "Vested Interest" Development Agency its gone no-where, and now is letting water in.
Mike Storey who was on the NWDA and the Liverpool Land Company at the time has a lot to answer for here.
 Despite English Heritage Inspector Hawkins stating the area should be considered a conservation area, he hid it under the table, there was no effort whatsoever to uphold the English Heretic decision.
Repossess It Quickly I say despite the Local papers waking up now the NWDA want to repo it, its too late. Get it sold to someone who wants it before it falls down. The local papers champions of! Right!
For ten years there has been no effort to restore it.
Urban Splash who were the development darlings, now the bankrupted clowns, after they and the English Heretics ruined Parkhill, (which was awful anyway) proposed a scheme for the building.
  Its painfull watching the Heretics at work, especially Basil Thurley the then CE.

They tried to placate public opinion with the scheme with a dumb scheme for a school.
All this while Joe Anderson does all he can to help his property development friends of Edge Lane.
It seems we have replaced Mike Storey with another....Mike Storey.

I also made an application to list Turning the Place Over by Richard Wilson

I didn't see the local press taking that much of an interest then. Better late than never.

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