Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Mann Island-Another Liverpool Daily Post Advertorial.

There should be laws against this.
We all know that Jon Egan of October Communications, now Aurora PR is editing Bill "Physco" Gleesons business pages at the Daily Ghost, but this is a advertorial by any other name.
Mark Thomas, the editor really should learn to know better than to make it this blatent.
You may think this is a one off but not really it is part of the Culture of Capital that is prevalent at Oldham Hall Street.
Where the news is controlled by ex Trinity Mirror employees now working for PR companies....or in fact moonlighting, on the sly, while still working there.

So who says so, me, well maybe there are others.

Correspondent wrote some time ago about it. Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Americans Call This An Infomercial
Daily Ghost editor Mark Thomas will, no doubt, protest that his publication is "pro-business". So far, so obvious; it's the sort of thing any provincial editor will say.

There is, however, a distinction to be made between reporting on commerce in Liverpool & publishing PR pieces which amount to free advertising. In this regard, the Ghost has long fallen short. Matters are made more murky by the role of Larry Nield, late of the Oldham Hall Street parish, now, of course, a leading light at October Communications/Aurora Media.
Take this innocuous-looking piece in this morning's edition:  ).
The Liverpool law firm Hill Dickinson hosted "a networking event for 'the next generation' of city professionals."
So what, you might ask. Well, Hill Dickinson is a client of October/Aurora .
Mutual back-scratching facilitated by an ex-Oldham Hall Street hack isn't a crime. Nor, however, is it journalism, it's PR. Mark Thomas really should do the decent thing & insert the words "advertising feature" at the top of pieces such as this.

How about it, Mark?
Unfortunately Some of the links may no longer work.
What happened to this Mann Island article that never appeared in the Daily Ghost buried in the foundations of Manchester docks that survived the blitz, but never survived the developers.
Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Mann Island-Dylan Harvey Director Bailed on Suspicion of Fraud it is Alleged

As reported in Crains Manchester
July 27, 2009 Toby Whittaker, managing director of Salford-based property broker Dylan Harvey, has appeared at Blackburn Magistrates' Court charged with conspiracy to defraud Zurich Insurance. He is jointly charged with Stefan Halenko, managing director of Bellit Security and Blackburn Alarms, companies which are based in a Dylan Harvey Business Centre in Blackburn. A spokeswoman for Lancashire Police said the charges related to the presentation of false alarm activation records following a reported burglary at Whittaker's home in Burnley. Both men have been bailed to appear at Preston Crown Court.

pic Toby Whittaker with his new signing Steven Gerrard.

Further out of town reading from Manchester Evening News.

No cherry picking again no wonder the World Heritage S*ite is now blitzed with tack.

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