Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Berni Turner-Up To Her Neck In It.

Claiming for a tin of sardines while on council duty was a really crass way of operating while on council duty.
Considering she was a candidate on Mastermind, yes you heard me, her specialist subject was Vegetarian Vampires, yes you heard that also, is not a very clever person.
She was the English Heritage Environment Champion for Liverpool at the time and as such a complete and utter waste of space, she took over from Doreen Jones, says it all really, they were made for each other.
A loud mouth with nothing to say.
 She said she would report me to the Police when I wrote about her Sardine Claim, if I kept on about her, bloody 'ell I was so scared I nearly fell off my chair laughing my socks off.
She is now non gratia, out in the cold, but will the big mouthed sardine swilling woman go away, it appears not.
She came last on Mastermind. She also came last in looking after Liverpools Heritage.
Yes lets take a sentimental journey with Bernie down misery lane......Dale Street.
Its still the same.
So now what is she up to, oh! she claims nothing.
It is alleged she received £2,500 grant for a Debt Rescue company she was involved in when the session she was paid for never took place, she denies this, well she always denies everything doesn't she.
click on the picture above of the reporting article in the Daily Post to expand to read and make your own mind up.
I can hear the police sirens now, on their way to arrest me, only it is not me who the Police should be arresting.

Oh just why did she fall out with Mike Storey.



  2. Just shows that you have to watch these people and their expenses claims like a hawk. The MPs scandal should have taught them all a lesson in transparency. If there is no wrongdoing then OK, but it all smells fishy. Finally, was there a particular reason why Berni Turner fell out with Mike Storey ?