Monday, 28 February 2011

Neil Scales-A Spiv For Peel Holdings.

This bloke is out of control. Liverpool seems consistent with its plans to let people who lack culture destroy what little we have. If ever there was a act of vandalism, then it was cutting up the historic U-534 and getting rid of the Historic Warships Collection. Here he is trying to make the public believe he is a jolly old fella, when in my opinion he is a "Boomtown Rat". Now, as a Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce, who last year lost £750,000, he spivs for Peel Holdings writing in to the letters page of the Daily Ghost. Remember the previous Chamber Chairman who supported the Mann Island Mess, the David Cameron lookalike David Wade-Smith from Caldy Wirral.
 He says, in his letter entitled. Full support
LIVERPOOL Chamber of Commerce would like to extend our full support for the Liverpool Waters initiative. In light of the current recession and imminent public sector cuts, we are pleased to see the private sector drawing up this ambitious road map to the future.
Peel Holdings recently made a presentation to Chamber members, explaining the full scale and ambition of the project, the focus on local job creation and the visual impact of the development.Following the meeting, several members cited examples of waterfronts that successfully marry the old with the new, including Copenhagen, Philadelphia, Vancouver and Seattle.
We would like to encourage Peel to be even bolder in its design aspirations for both building height and design.
Many of our members also made the trip to the Shanghai World Expo in 2010 and understand the global value of a spectacular waterfront. Liverpool’s waterfront is magnificent, and any development planned for the next generation must ensure that it remains an iconic symbol of great design and heritage for the future.
This project, we believe, has the potential to be a world-class exemplar of a modern waterfront city weaving around the historical footprint.
On the issue of heritage, we are pleased to note that Peel intend to bring the historic and architecturally interesting Jesse Hartley Clock back into use.
We would also recommend the approach adopted by Liverpool One, who implemented a policy of integration with the city by restoring all of the historical links to the old dock.
We would urge members of the region’s business community who wish to see Liverpool regain its rightful place as a world-class city, and see it prosper throughout the twenty-first century, to make their support known to both Peel and Liverpool City Council.

Neil Scales OBE, MSc, MBA, C Eng, Chairman, Liverpool Chamber of Commerce

This is the bloke in Charge of South Parkway Station cock up.

This is the bloke who as Merseytravel Charman owned doomed Ringo House.

This is the Moron who cut up U-534 in an act of vandalism.

This is the uncultured idiot who built a Ken Dodd with a kebab in its hand at Lime Street Station.

This is the Spiv who would sell out what is left of the World Heritage Site to Peel Holdings.

This is a person lacking in any culture with far too much to say on behalf of his..........mates.



    David Bartlett s blog suggests what we all know Neil Scales should be concentrating his efforts on what he gets paid for.........Public Transport instead of helping his mates to further his own career.