Friday, 18 February 2011

Baltic Triangle-European Capital Of Car Crime.

Top Gear had John Bishop, the new, same old comedian reinforcing all the old stereotypes as a star in a reasonably priced car.
 The end of the show they had the reasonably priced car up on bricks with its wheels robbed. How dare they, you cant say all scousers are theives.                                                          How must those poor unsuspectinging motorists feel when they get back to their cars and they are screwed. Now I pick my words carefully, screwed, right in front of the thick Rozzers who do nothing about it because they are too busy giving out tickets to notice. P.C Barry Downes knows the amount of car crime going on as does the Chief Constable but do they do anything about, they just carry on ticketing regardless.
This last couple of weeks a spate of car crime is under way, every day there are more car windows smashed.
The tell tale signs are always there glass on the road, then no-one parks there for a while and then a few weeks later more fodder come along and bang another crack deal is done with the proceeds, and right under the nose of plod.
Its been going on for decades, yes decades my van was done 25 years ago outside Simross Carpets.
This is another car done this week while the Bizzies drive round announcing themselves in their waspish looking Ford Focus. The kids just laugh at them.
I have counted maybe 50 cars screwed over the years. I am careful to leave no tempting tit-bits to warrant a thug smashing my window and I like the walk into town. The Baltic Triangle is on the periphery of Grosvenor-pool the shiny new beacon of Liverpool The Baltic Triangle is, it is said going to be a new cultural quarter, not quite sure how a Triangle becomes a quarter, maybe the spin doctors are as thick as the Fuzz it seems. I walk past Heaps Rice Mill every day that is now in a perilous state of decay.
But the spinners tell us everything will be grand.
The A-Foundation went out of business this week, errr that's the culture, if that's what it was, gone.
Ley Rubber have moved out this week.
They say they may make the site park.
All those people coming into town and what happens if they park 100 yards in the right direction.........A car on bricks, CD player robbed, they wont come back again, maybe Clarkson and Co have been to Liverpool lately.

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