Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Galkoff's, Pembroke Place-Butchered By Neglect

This not Kosher as far as I am concerned the bloke who runs the Liverpool History Society, a Mr Ainsworth. Who lets the building that he owns rot and then blames everyone else. If it was mine I would not wait for it to fall down and blame the council I would get a repairs order.........unless I was trying to shame them into giving me a grant.
Its about time Mr Ainsworth started living up to his responsibilities.
visit the website its got pretty music http://galkoffs.tripod.com/

This is a post I did nearly one and a half years ago. read the comments.


Anonymous said...
You should remove your bad minded, ill informed comment. How do you expect someone to refurbish a property when the owners of the adjoining property have spent 19 years damaging ans neglecting it.
I know Rob and of his struggle to encourge LCC to do something with thier property. You should be suporting him not doing the work of LCC, Liverpool Vision and the LSTM or being thier monuth piece.
I am discusted in you and your phoney blog.

7 August 2009 22:40
Liverpool History Society said...

Dear Wayne,
can I ask that you please edit your blog entry regarding the comment "you have had ample time etc". I have been unable to restored my property for a considerable period due to the poor condition of the councils property, 31 Pembroke Place. This is the subject and other matters to my LGO complaint currently being investigated. I would appreciate matters if you would kindly remove this section. For further information on Galkoff`s please see the web link. galkoff.tripod.com. I intend to publish all the correspondence relating to this lamentable situation including more than 50 requests to the city council, councilors, MPs and quangos requesting repair or disposal of 31 over the last 15 years, so I can complete the restoration of 29 PP I started in 1990. A lot of people who have been following this matter for more than a decade know your comment is incorrect. If you require any further information on the situation please let me know.
Kind regards
Rob Ainsworth
8 August 2009 20:25

Liverpool Preservation Trust said...
Ummmmmmm 20 years to get no-where thats a strange one.
10 August 2009 10:58


  1. Galkoff`s appears fine, but the adjoining property is the one that should be raising your concerns?

    Do you own it BTW?

  2. How did I know one of Rob Ainsworths buddies was going to say that.
    If you think that is a property that looks fine.......that has been kept in good condition, well, no wonder the owners of adjoining propereties dont want to bother.
    Maybe the current owners are just trying to get a grant out of EH or the council and the more they blame everyone else the more they think it strengthens their case.

  3. Strangely the link to the website has mysteriously disapeared

  4. no it hasn`t Bull shitting again I note.

  5. It had when I last looked
    The evidence speaks for itself the place is butchered by neglect, its a disgrace......wake up to reality.

  6. Have you been inside the property?

    Your libellous comments are going to get you into trouble one day Mr B.S.

  7. The place is butchered by neglect, no bullshit just the truth ........and it usually hurts.